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Sue McKinney, Vice President, Worldwide Engineering and Pitney Bowes Corporate Officer

 Sue  McKinney

Sue McKinney is the Vice President, Worldwide Engineering and Pitney Bowes Corporate Officer.  She is responsible for Pitney Bowes’ world-class engineering team, which is focused on design and development of mailing products and software solutions within PBI.  She is located at the Pitney Bowes campus in Shelton, CT.

Sue joined Pitney Bowes in April 2010 as Vice President, Worldwide Mailing Solutions Management (MSM) and Document Messaging Technology (DMT) Engineering. In March 2011, Sue assumed additional oversight for Pitney Bowes Business Insights (PBBI) Engineering. to joining Pitney Bowes, she was Vice President of Development Transformation where she led an effort to effect significant development transformation across the IBM Software Group development teams, influencing over 25,000 engineers, 43,000 employees in 120 global locations. Key focus areas included the definition of enterprise architecture and governance and fostering agile development methodologies and improve overall software engineering effectiveness. Sue also held various development executive positions with IBM SWG, Lotus and Server Technology Group while at IBM.

Sue is a graduate of Ohio State University, with a BS in Business Administration and Computer Science.

Presentation: "An Executive PoV: Its all about You!"

Time: Monday 16:50 - 17:50

Location: Salon I


Agile implicitly applies pressure for individuals to step-up, own delivery and be accountable.  How do we enable individuals to succeed in an Agile project?  Is it a matter of applying more managers to a project or creating more leaders?  What are the critical roles within a project?  How do we reward success of the project by the individual?  What is the role of the executive, middle manager, project manager and developer and who really matters?  Sue McKinney, Vice President, World Wide Engineering at Pitney Bowes, will discuss the roles within a project based on her Agile transformation experiences at IBM and PBI.