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Glenn Block, Microsoft

 Glenn  Block
Glenn is a PM at Microsoft working on support for node.js in Windows and Azure. Glenn has a breadth of experience both both inside and outside Microsoft developing software solutions for ISVs and the enterprise. Glenn has been a passionate supporter of open source and has been active in involving folks from the community in the development of software at Microsoft. This has included shipping products under open source licenses, as well as assisting other teams looking to do so. Glenn is also a lover of community and a frequent speaker at local and international events and user groups.

Presentation: "Unlock your Inner Node.js in the Cloud with Windows Azure"

Time: Tuesday 12:05 - 13:05

Location: Salon I

If I told you that you can build node.js applications in Windows Azure would you believe me? Come to this session and I’ll show you how. You’ll see how take those existing node apps and easily deploy them to Windows Azure from any platform. You’ll see how you can make yours node apps more robust by leveraging Azure services like storage and service bus, all of which are available in our new “azure” npm module.  You’ll also see how to take advantage of cool tools like socket.io for WebSockets, node-inspector for debugging and Cloud9 for an awesome online development experience.

Training: "node.js: Jumping in with both feet"

Time: Thursday 09:00 - 12:00

Location: Brooklyn Writers

Node.js offers a powerful and fresh platform for building server side applications in Javascript which are highly scalable. It also offers a really rich modularity story with a fantastic selection of module for you to choose from. This tutorial will provide you with an overview of node.js and hands-on experience working with developing node.js applications.

  • Installing node.js
  • Creating Hello world
  • Working with common node.js apis and core modules
o IO
  • Npm / package.json
  • Async programming
  • Common modules
o  Express
o  Socket.io
o  Coffeescript
o  Mongo / Reddis
o  Rabbitmq
  • Debugging
  • Cluster
  • Deploying to the cloud

Keywords: Node.js,
Target Audience: Participants should have experience with javascript

Training: "Node.js in Windows Azure"

Time: Thursday 13:00 - 16:00

Location: Brooklyn Writers

Windows Azure provides a wealth of capabilities to node.js developers.  You can take advantage of Azure’s compute clusters to host your node.js applications and scale them infinitely. You can also use the Azure npm module to take advantage of services like Storage from within node.js applications hosted in any environment. You can even debug your applications live in the cloud. This tutorial will provide you hands-on experience working with node.js and Windows Azure.
  • Creating a Windows Azure Node.js application
  • Running in the compute emulator
  • Deploying Azure sites, applications and vms
o   From Windows
o   From Mac
o   From Cloud9
  • Enabling Remote Desktop
  • Scaling out
  • Using WebSockets
  • Using Azure Storage Services (Table, Blob, Queues)
  • Using Azure role management apis
  • Using Service Bus
  • Debugging and Diagnostics
Keywords: Node.js, Azure, CloudComputing
Target Audience: Participants should have some experience with node.js and be familiar with Cloud computing.