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David Laribee, Product Development Team, VersionOne

 David  Laribee

David Laribee has trucked in software for over 15 years. He favors collaboration, design thinking, simple, domain-driven design and low ceremony tools, platforms and languages. David resides in Atlanta, where he’s a proud member of the VersionOne product development team. He writes about product, workflow and software design at http://laribee.com.

Presentation: "Building a Product Delivery Team"

Time: Wednesday 10:50 - 11:50

Location: Salon C

The VersionOne product development team has made a great deal of progress over the last few years. We have a more usable and user-centered product. Our technical debt is well managed. Our team has grown and turnover is low. All this and we continue to ship regularly.

In this session, I’ll describe our team’s evolution. I’ll describe the leadership models that have worked well in our situation and tactics that have increased our efficacy and cohesion. Along the way I’ll present a several video interviews with my teammates. You’ll get their take on why and how we’ve grown as a community of practice and get understand some of challenges they see on our horizon.

Presentation: "Panel: Talking Teams and Fielding Your Questions"

Time: Wednesday 16:50 - 17:50

Location: Salon C


This session will be an audience driven fishbowl discussion. Instead of listening to panelists ramble on and on, the audience will submit questions that the panel discusses in the fishbowl. After 5 minutes, the audience will decide (by voting) whether they want to hear more on the current question or move on. We welcome your hardest question and toughest challenges. The session is a forum for open discussion around the realities and tools needed to form and maintain teams that building the right thing, the right way.