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Chris Matts, Agile Business Analyst Oxymoron

 Chris  Matts
Chris has spent the last twenty years being paid by investment banks. He has spent considerable time, thought and effort avoiding doing any real work. Despite his best efforts he has been involved with the start up of a number of Agile things, including real options, feature injection, behaviour driven development and the fight between the Kanban and Scrum communities. He prefers dogs to cats but would really like a Jerboa as a pet if it wasn't illegal.

Presentation: "Conference Intro and Track Introduction"

Time: Monday 09:00 - 09:20

Location: Salon A, B, C, D

Abstract: Floyd Marinescu Introduces: Sadek Drobi, Chris Matts, Randy Shoup, Dionysios Synodinos, Khawaja Shams

Presentation: "The Lazy Learner"

Time: Monday 15:30 - 16:30

Location: Salon I


This session will introduce a number of techniques that Chris Matts uses to be lazy. When it comes to learning, the best way to learn is let other people do the hard work for you. "Break the Model", based on David A. Kolb's learning circle is a distributed cognition system to coordinate others frantic learning activity. "Meme Wombling" is a deliberate exaptation technique that involves going through other people's waste paper basket looking for great ideas that other's leave behind. "Building the Net" is a low energy way of creating collaborations that feel the need to keep you up to date with the latest thinking. Finally, have you ever considered that the best state for learning might be hungover. This will be a very very serious session with no attempts at humour.