Training: "PaaS and Programmable Web"

Time: Friday 09:00 - 12:00

Location: Roebling/Gleason


With the number of web APIs exploding, there needs to be an easier way to create applications the utilise these APIs without having to become an expert on every API. This session will be a hands on workshop that we lead developers to understand how to leverage APIs. We'll start with a quick overview of the shift and what it means for the developer and quickly dive into hands on lab sessions connecting APIs such as Twilio, Yammer, Apple Push and Facebook.

  • Introduction to PaaS and the PaaS landscape
  • Impact of Open APIs for developers
  • Lab: Getting Started with Mule iON
    • Installing Mule Studio
    • Creating your first App 
    • Create an iON Account
    • deploying to Mule iON
    • Quick tour of the Mule iON Console
  • Lab: Give your applications a voice
    • Introduction to Cloud Connectors
    • Work with Twilio and Yammer
    • Debugging your Apps
  • Lab: Build a mobile push server
    • Introduction to Async Messaging
    • PubNub, Apple Push, Android C2DM
    • When things Go Wrong
  • Lab: Building for other platforms: Facebook Timeline
    • Introduction to Facebook timeline
    • Create a time line App
    • Using HTML/JS on Mule iON
  • Wrap up

Keywords: APIs, PaaS, Cloud, Mule, Facebook, Twilio, Yammer, Apple Push, PubNub, integration

Dan Diephouse, Product Manager, MuleSoft for Mule iON

 Dan  Diephouse

Dan Diephouse is the product manager at MuleSoft for Mule iON, the world's first integration Platform as a Service. There he's focused on helping connect everything together: cloud services, applications, databases, mobile devices -  even toasters. He will only rest once everything has an API and data flows seamlessly between them. He has a over 10 years of experience in integration and middleware spaces including co-founding Apache CXF, an open source web services framework; launching Tcat, an enterprise Tomcat application server;, helping shape Mule, the most popular open source ESB, and consulting with many of the world's top companies.