Presentation: "The componentized, declarative Web"

Time: Monday 15:30 - 16:30

Location: Salon A-B

Where creating a web page once meant combining three distinct disciplines, HTML for the markup, CSS for the presentation and JavaScript for the behavior, recent changes have made this separation much less clear. Tomorrow, the Web will be based on a much more declarative model with new and exciting APIs, completely changing the paradigms used to create your sites and applications. What exactly will be changing, how will this impact you and how should you prepare for the future.

Peter Beverloo, W3C HTML Working Group, WHATWG, Google WebKit team

 Peter  Beverloo
Peter Beverloo is a Software Engineer on the Google Chrome team, mainly working on WebKit and Chrome on Android. Known for his weekly updates about Chromium and WebKit changes, Peter is also involved with several open source initiatives such as HTML5Boilerplate, W3Fools and HTML5Please, participant in several working groups and chairman of the Fronteers conference.