Presentation: "Spring Data - NoSQL, NoProblems"

Time: Tuesday 10:50 - 11:50

Location: Salon C

Learn how to easily leverage NoSQL data stores as diverse as MongoDB and neo4j quickly and easily using Spring Data. Whether you want to replace a relational database or enhance it for certain classes of queries, Spring Data can make it easer to work with NoSQL data stores in Java. We'll start by categorizing the classes of NoSQL stores and the kind of use cases for each and will then look in more detail at the Mongo and Neo4j integration capabilities available in Spring Data and how and why you might take advantage of them.

Peter Bell, Senior VP Engineering, General Assembly

 Peter  Bell
Peter is Senior VP Engineering and Senior Fellow at General Assembly, a campus for technology, design, and entrepreneurship.

He has presented at a range of conferences including DLD conference, ooPSLA, RubyNation, SpringOne2GX, Code Generation, Practical Product Lines, the British Computer Society Software Practices Advancement conference, DevNexus, cf.Objective(), CF United, Scotch on the Rocks, WebDU, WebManiacs, UberConf, the Rich Web Experience and the No Fluff Just Stuff Enterprise Java tour.

He has been published in IEEE Software, Dr. Dobbs, IBM developerWorks, Information Week, Methods & Tools, Mashed Code, NFJS the Magazine and GroovyMag. He's currently writing a book on managing software development for Pearson. He is an organizer of the CTO School - an organization in NYC devoted to creating the next generation of technical leaders. He also organizes the node.js meetup in New York and co-organizes the Domain Driven Design and Grails meetups.