Presentation: "Patterns of Software Change"

Time: Tuesday 10:50 - 11:50

Location: Salon D


In the industry, we often have a static view of software architecture.

 Organizations plan a set architecture with the assumption that it will be not be significantly.  Even if they are savvy, and they rarely look beyond the immediate target architecture to imagine how its base assumptions might change in the future.  As in any other discipline, we can often get a sense of how change happens by mining history.  In this talk, Michael Feathers will outline patterns he has seen in various projects which give a good indication of the points in time when large-scale change should be undertaken.

Michael Feathers, Member of the Technical Staff, Groupon

 Michael  Feathers
Michael Feathers is a Member of the Technical Staff at Groupon. Prior to joining Groupon, Michael was the Chief Scientist of Obtiva, and a Senior Consultant with Object Mentor International. Over the years, Michael has spent a great deal of time helping teams after design over time in code bases. Michael is also the author of the book Working Effectively with Legacy Code (Prentice Hall, 2004).