Presentation: "Faster, Cheaper Identity Management through Loose Coupling - The LIMA Approach"

Time: Monday 14:00 - 15:00

Location: Robinson/Whitman

Identity Management (or more correctly, Identity and Access Management - IAM) is an over-hyped and over-complicated capability within enterprises. It is often made out to be the exclusive province of expensive and highly specialised vendor products that end-user organisations cannot hope to develop on their own. This is nonsense. On the contrary, the ""single product""-based approach to IAM is fraught with risk and expense. Organisations can greatly improve their chances of success as well as their agility and economy by adopting a loosely-coupled approach to designing and deploying an IAM system. This talk will cover the essentials of the loosely-coupled approach called LIMA based on the speaker's real-world experience implementing IAM at an established end-user organisation. The LIMA architecture is described in detail in the eBook Identity Management on a Shoestring published earlier this year by InfoQ.

Ganesh Prasad, Author of "Practical SOA for the Solution Architect"

 Ganesh  Prasad
Ganesh Prasad has 25 years of IT experience and has been a developer and application designer through four generations of technology - mainframes, minicomputers, client-server and the web. His experience as an architect over the last 10 years, especially in the Shared Services area, has led him to pioneer radically simpler and less expensive alternatives to traditional corporate IT strategy. His white papers describe how to simplify Presentation ("Life Above the Service Tier"), Integration ("Practical SOA for the Solution Architect") and most recently Identity and Access Management ("Identity Management on a Shoestring").