Presentation: "Extreme Performance with Java"

Time: Tuesday 16:50 - 17:50

Location: Salon C

It may or may not be of surprise, but how one writes Java code can impact latency jitter.  This session will offer several tips and tricks on how to write Java that avoids or lessens latency jitter.  These are tips you can put into practice immediately and be able to realize results.

Charlie Hunt, Architect of Performance Engineering at

 Charlie  Hunt

Charlie Hunt is the Architect of Performance Engineering at and the lead author of the recently released Java Performance book. Prior to joining, he was the Java HotSpot VM Performance Architect at Oracle and Sun Microsystems. He wrote his first Java application in 1998 and joined Sun Microsystems, Inc. in 1999 as a Senior Java Architect. He has been working on improving application and systems performance for over 20 years. He is a regular speaker on the subject of Java performance at many world-wide conferences including the JavaOne Conference.  Charlie holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Iowa State University.