Presentation: "Delivering JMS over WebSocket"

Time: Tuesday 14:00 - 15:00

Location: Salon C

HTML5 WebSocket opens up a whole new world of possibilities for real-time communication over the Web. Applications hitherto reserved for the desktop can now be moved to the Web and the Cloud: financial dashboards, news feeds, online auctions, the list is endless.
Since many of those kinds of applications incorporate messaging this has driven a surge of interest in messaging over the Web using HTML5 WebSocket. JMS has the benefit of being a standard interface with a large following in the enterprise. With the advent of HTML5 WebSocket, JMS now has an opportunity extend from the enterprise to the Web.
In this session, hear how you can use the JMS API in browser and mobile clients over the Web with similar performance to traditional enterprise desktop applications. See demos of how your Web-based application can participate with your existing messaging infrastructure as a first-class citizen.

Robin Zimmermann, Senior Product Manager, Kaazing

 Robin  Zimmermann
Robin Zimmermann is a Senior Product Manager at Kaazing where he is responsible for the direction and success of Kaazing's product line. Prior to Kaazing, Robin spent ten years at Oracle as a Product Manager for Oracle BPEL and Oracle SOA Suite.  Robin has spoken at various industry conferences including Oracle OpenWorld as well as Gartner events.

Robin is a co-chair of the Silicon Valley HTML5 User Group.

Originally from Australia, Robin has also lived in Munich Germany, and now resides in San Francisco Bay Area.