Presentation: "Creativity, Energy, Imagination and the Business Value of Joy"

Time: Wednesday 12:05 - 13:05

Location: Salon C

In this talk, Richard Sheridan, CEO of Menlo Innovations will take you on a virtual tour of the Menlo Software Factory and tell stories of how removing fear and replacing it with safety increases trust, builds teamwork, spawns innovation and imagination and thus allows creativity to flourish.  Techniques now familiar to us all, but actually applied in a real world setting, give a great backdrop of why this thing our industry calls "agile" is actually a powerful set of tools and techniques to remove ambiguity and fear and produce an environment that derives the most compelling business value of all:  joy!

Richard Sheridan, Menlo Innovations

 Richard  Sheridan
From kid programmer in 1971 to Forbes cover boy in 2003, “outlier” Richard Sheridan has never shied from challenges, opportunities or the limelight.  While his focus has always been around technology, his passion is actually process, teamwork and organizational design, with one inordinately popular goal:  the business value of joy!  Sheridan is an avid reader and historian, and his software design and development team at Menlo Innovations didn't invent a new culture, but copied an old one ... Edison's Menlo Park New Jersey lab.  Some call it agile, some call it lean ... Sheridan and his team call it joyful.  And it produces results ... business and otherwise.  Four consecutive Inc. magazine revenue growth awards, invites to the White House, speaking engagements around the nation, numerous articles and culture awards and so much interest they are doing nearly a tour a day of the Menlo Software Factory.