Presentation: "Building Teams and Delivering Product during Change and Re-architecture"

Time: Wednesday 14:00 - 15:00

Location: Salon C


Replatforming to a full Python stack and working side by side with core Django team, the development teams at RueLaLa are going  through a great deal of change, most of which is not about technicaldifficulties. The session will cover our challenges around social psychology, culture and team dynamics. We are working on various strategies and tactics for getting teams focused and iteratively delivering in a highly collaborative environment.

Susan Standiford, CTO, RueLaLa

 Susan  Standiford
Susan has been living retail, Ecommerce and high volume media technology for over 16 years.  She is currently the CTO at RueLaLa, a leading private sale shopping destination - and is leading the Rue technology organization through a culture of change and innovation in the python/Django world.  She also has led change initiatives in categories of both technology and social psychology
at Disney, Travelocity and Oracle/Retek.