Presentation: "Big Time: Introducing Hadoop on Azure"

Time: Tuesday 14:00 - 15:00

Location: Salon I

In the last couple of years Hadoop has become synonymous with Big Data. This framework is so vast and popular that Microsoft recently announced, for the first time in its history, that it is going to invest in this large-scale, open-source project as its solution for Big Data.In this session we'll learn how Hadoop works on Windows Azure including an exploration of different storage options, e.g., AVS and S3, how Hadoop on Azure integrates with other cloud services, understanding key scenarios for Hadoop in the Microsoft ecosystem, and discovering Hadoop’s role in a cloud environment.

Yaniv Rodenski, Senior Consultant, Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems, Sela Group

 Yaniv  Rodenski
Yaniv Rodenski is a Senior Consultant at Sela Group, with over 15 years of industry experience as a developer, team leader, R&D manager and architect in various Microsoft environments. Yaniv is experienced in developing large scale, distributed and data-centric systems.
Currently Yaniv is focusing on helping clients to adopt Windows Azure and is part of a team creating the Windows Azure Platform Training Kit for Microsoft DPE, with an accent on Windows Azure HPC Scheduler and Hadoop.