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Richard Clark, Senior Director Technical Communication, Kaazing

 Richard  Clark

Richard Clark, M.A. (@rdclark) is Kaazing’s Senior Curriculum Developer and an experienced software developer. He has taught for Apple and Hewlett-Packard, written immersive simulations, developed high-performance web applications for the Fortune 100, and published Apple iOS applications. Richard has a special interest in using mobile, connected, real-time applications to help people live, work, and play better.
In his spare time, Richard does web development for non-profits, tends a garden full of California native plants, and cooks for family and charity events.

Training: "Building Real-Time Web Apps with HTML5 WebSocket Workshop"

Time: Friday 13:00 - 16:00

Location: Roebling/Gleason

HTML5 WebSocket is a new standardized API and protocol for continuous, bi-directional, low-overhead communications between browsers and remote hosts. It enables the development of a new generation of dynamic, browser-based web applications.

Although the basic concept of a WebSocket-enabled application is relatively simple, the actual implementation of this technology involves a number of steps, which require careful attention to detail. This workshop is designed to help developers quickly get up to speed with building complete, real-time WebSocket-based applications.

Upon completion of the workshop, you will be able to:
•        Thoroughly understand how the WebSocket API and protocol work--even in enterprise deployments
•        Develop a web app using the WebSocket API
•        Develop web apps using higher-level protocol libraries for real-time communication
•        Configure a WebSocket server and an open-source message broker

This course is for software developers interested in designing, creating, and deploying real-time HTML5 WebSocket applications. No prior experience is required in asynchronous web communications (Ajax, Comet), though advanced developers will find plenty of value.  You should have basic authoring and debugging skills in HTML and JavaScript; PHP and Java experience is useful but not required.