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Matt Wynne, Freelance Programmer and Coach

 Matt  Wynne

Matt Wynne works as an independent programmer and consultant, helping teams like yours learn to enjoy delivering software to the best of their abilities. He is a core developer on the Cucumber project, and co-author of The Cucumber Book. He blogs at mattwynne.net and tweets as @mattwynne.

Presentation: "The use and abuse of other people's Cucumbers"

Time: Monday 14:00 - 15:00

Location: Salon I

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools; that's what the agile manifesto tells you. But that doesn't mean we should just throw away all our processes and tools: good processes can help you to have meaningful interactions, and the right tools can help individuals perform to their potential.

The problem is when you borrow other people's tools and processes, blindly adopting them without reflecting on how well they work for you.

This humorous talk delivers an important message that all agile teams should think about.

Training: "BDD as if you meant it"

Time: Friday 13:00 - 16:00

Location: Brooklyn Writers


Outside-in development doesn't mean starting at the user interface, it means starting at the outside of whatever you want to discover.

On a brand new application, the first thing you need to discover is your domain model. Those fancy ajax gizmos can wait. This session will be a kata-style tutorial. Working from a single Cucumber scenario, we will drive out a domain model, then like BDD magicians, we'll slip in a user interface around the domain model without touching the tests.

Attend this workshop to learn how to write Cucumber scenarios that last, by expressing them in the language of the domain. You'll learn how to engineer high-quality Cucumber step definition and support code, and see the benefits as your application evolves. A masterclass in BDD as it's meant to be done.

This is intended to be a hands-on tutorial, so to take an active part, please ensure you have installed Ruby and the Cucumber, Capybara and Sinatra rubygems. If you just want to come along and watch, that's fine too.