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Lee Wenger, Sr Systems Architect, Solace Systems

 Lee  Wenger

Over the last two decades, Lee Wenger has been delivering large-scale distributed systems that drive top line growth or bottom line savings. He has had his hand in integrated vertical solutions to many of the most vexing problems in Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecom and Government Systems. 

Lee is a subject matter expert in virtually all of the major categories of integration technology including: Enterprise Architecture and Integration, Complex Event Processing(CEP), Event Stream Processing(ESP), Business Process Management(BPM), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and Event Driven Architecture (EDA).

Presentation: "Rise of the Appliances: How purpose-built hardware is enabling the next generation of massive scale infrastructure"

Time: Wednesday 12:05 - 13:05

Location: Roebling/Gleason

This presentation examines key converging ideas and technologies leading to extremely high performance middleware and application infrastructure. Emphasis is given to the use of chipsets such as GPUs, Network Processors, and FPGAs to accelerate performance and increase efficiency of infrastructure components like websockets and Node.js. Concrete examples of a major internet service infrastructure and an online banking site will be outlined.