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John T Davies, CTO and co-founder, Incept5 & C24

 John T Davies
John Davies is CTO and co-founder of Incept5 & C24, two international companies specialising in enterprise consultancy and integration. John was the original technical architect behind what is now Visa's V.me, in the past has been chief architect at JP Morgan and BNP Paribas and technical director of 2 NASDAQ companies. John has co-authored of several enterprise Java and architecture books and is a frequent speaker at banking and technology conferences.

Presentation: "Hook-up to the Social Networks with OAuth 2.0"

Time: Monday 16:50 - 17:50

Location: Robinson/Whitman

For years we've sought the perfect SSO (Single Sign On) solution. Social networks are not exactly the ideal solution for logging in to your office servers, bank account or the county's nuclear defence systems but they're now pretty much the preferred solution for the plethora of mobile apps and web sites we now carry around in our pockets. OAuth provides a way for you to allow your users to log in to your application and identify them from their social media credentials, name, job title for example, you can ask the user's permission to access connections on their social graph or to even post on their behalf. Hook in via Oath and the power of social networks is yours. John will walk through a typical iPhone application with server-based OAuth 2.0 into the social networks.

Presentation: "Panel: How Banks are Managing Their Data"

Time: Wednesday 16:50 - 17:50

Location: Robinson/Whitman

How do you manage your data?  In a relational database?  In a NoSQL store?  Do you use CEP technology?  Web services?  What we all are making sense of right now is how to store, share, secure, and scale our data storage for both application consumption as well as analytics.  Business and IT are in the middle of transformation toward real-time and mobile and data management is at the heart of our ability to succeed.  NoSQL, Hadoop, CEP, and more are all born out of the need to do more than the "traditional n-tier stack" can provide.  In this panel, Experts and senior technical leaders from banks such as JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Morgan Stanley as well as Thomson Reuters will discuss what is driving change in their organizations, where they are on the adoption curve of these new technologies, and what is working and what is not.