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Jarred Nicholls, Lead Engineer, the Sencha WebKit team

 Jarred  Nicholls

Jarred Nicholls is lead engineer on the Sencha WebKit team. For the past decade, he has worked on large projects and products in a wide array of industries; everything from speech recognition and telephony, to HTML5 and Mobile [Web] development. Along the way he has contributed to large open source projects including but not limited to Ruby on Rails, Mono and WebKit.

Presentation: "Hacking WebKit & Its JavaScript Engines"

Time: Monday 10:50 - 11:50

Location: Salon A-B

WebKit, along with its JavaScript engines, is not a magical black box. We will show you the internal of various WebKit building blocks (10,000-foot overview) and how they work together. In particular, learn also the simple steps on how to experiment with WebKit with your own and leverage WebKit functionalities to find the performance problems, track the network issues, automate effective smoke tests, and implement per-pixel correctness tests. In addition, armed with a little extra knowledge about JavaScript engines, you will be ready to improve both the quality and performance of your JavaScript code

Presentation: "Accelerating the Web: How GPUs make browsers fast"

Time: Tuesday 10:50 - 11:50

Location: Robinson/Whitman

Modern browsers are prime examples of using GPUs to accelerate computationally intensive tasks. But how do they actually do it? This talk sheds some more light on browser interactions with the GPU and explain what happens behind the scenes, covering the topic of acceleration of primitive drawing, the use of tiled backing store, and composited layer