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Graham Brooks, ThoughtWorks

 Graham  Brooks
Graham Brooks has been developing software for almost 30 years. For the last 7+ years Graham has worked for ThoughtWorks as a developer, coach. Graham contributes to the ThoughtWorks Radar as a member of the ThoughtWorks Technical Advisory board.

Blog: http://www.grahambrooks.com/blog

Twitter: @grahamcbrooks

Presentation: "Integrating GPUs in Software Development - From Concept to Deployment"

Time: Tuesday 15:30 - 16:30

Location: Robinson/Whitman


There is a lot of buzz around using GPUs to solve problems. How do you design and build an application that makes use of parallel processing that until recently only the few have had access to? Join me on the journey from application concept, through design to implementation of an application. Along the way we will be discussing the trade-offs and other design and implementation considerations.

This is a getting started GPGPU programming session covering application architecture, adapting approaches to leverage GPUs. The focus is on application development, design and code.