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Blake Matheny, Director of Platform Engineering, Tumblr

 Blake  Matheny

Blake is an engineer at Tumblr where he works on building the backend services that let millions of blogs and billions of pageviews a month be served smoothly. Blake has been developing distributed systems for the past ten years and is currently enamored with Scala, Finagle, HBase and Redis. Blake lives in Brooklyn, NY with a cat that hates him, his wife, and their collection of books. You can check out his blog at http://tumblr.mobocracy.net/

Presentation: "Futures and Promises, Lessons in Concurrency Learned at Tumblr"

Time: Tuesday 14:00 - 15:00

Location: Salon A-B

In this talk I'll discuss the architectural underpinnings of Tumblr's distributed systems infrastructure. I'll focus primarily on Motherboy, an eventually consistent inbox style storage system, to highlight some of the most useful lessons learned. Additionally, I'll discuss some of our findings in evaluating various concurrency models as well as how our choice of Scala as our back-end language of choice, played into those decisions. This talk will be targeted towards distributed systems developers but will also have some appeal to operations engineers who are responsible for managing these JVM based systems. Some key concepts covered will include concurrency constructs available on the JVM, testing and tuning the stack, Scala in a distributed systems context, real world benchmarking and distributed tracing.