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Aryeh Selekman, Partner Engineer, Facebook

 Aryeh  Selekman
Aryeh Selekman is a Partner Engineer at Facebook where he focuses on helping partners and developers create social, cross-platform mobile apps. He played an active role in the launch of Facebook's Social Plugins, Open Graph, and most recently, the Facebook Platform for Mobile Apps. He helped build the Facebook Preferred Developer Consultant program, and has worked closely with more than a hundred partners including Amazon, The Washington Post, Microsoft, and Netflix.

- facebook.com/selekman
- twitter.com/aselekman
- github.com/aselekman

Presentation: "A Natural Fit - Making your Mobile Apps Social"

Time: Wednesday 10:50 - 11:50

Location: Salon A-B

The Mobile devices we carry with us today are engineered to be social. You are always a tap (or two) away from communicating with, taking pictures of, or sharing your current experience with the people you care about.

When using mobile apps for HTML5, iOS, and/or Android, users expect a social experience. By implementing the cross-platform Facebook SDKs, developers of mobile apps and games can easily build social experiences into their apps, and gain one of the most valuable methods of distribution: word of mouth, at scale.

We will cover in depth, with code examples, the techniques and best practices developers are using to create engaging social experiences in their apps. We will also look at how these changes lead to an increase in user growth and engagement. Finally, we will also look at the current state of the mobile web platform, and the ongoing standardization efforts driving it forward.