Presentation: "Web API Evolution"

Time: Wednesday 14:00 - 15:00

Location: Salon I

Some think that with great effort it's possible to create Web APIs that never change. Yet these efforts always seem to be futile. Clients evolve at a different rate from the services they use and vice versa. This means that Web API developers must devise ways to accommodate new requirements while ensuring these changes do not break existing users. So how can services be designed to support both backward and forward compatibility?

In this session we'll discuss how Web API designers introduce breaking changes and how these can be prevented. We'll examine a few patterns that encourage graceful service evolution, and we'll also cover some anti-patterns that thwart this objective."

Rob Daigneau, ArcSage LLC

 Rob  Daigneau

Rob Daigneau has more than twenty years of experience designing and implementing applications and products for a broad array of industries, from financial services, to manufacturing, to retail and travel. Rob has served in such prominent positions as Director of Architecture for and Manager of Applications Development at Fidelity Investments. Rob has been known to speak at a conference or two.