Presentation: 99.99% Uptime at 175 TB of Data Per Day

Track: Sponsored Solutions Track II

Location: Shubert - Uris, 6th fl.

Duration: 4:10pm - 5:00pm

Day of week: Tuesday


In this talk we will cover how we design, build, and scale our platform to handle 5 million requests per second, 200 billion financial transactions a day and 175+ TBs of daily data processing distributed globally while handling unexpected unbounded growth. We will explain the rapid growth challenges we tackle every day in the areas of planning, releasing, monitoring and scaling our distributed systems with four nines of uptime. We will cover real-time updates of business logic with zero downtime, control systems and feedback loops, monitoring and app/event introspection.

Speaker: Ben John

CTO @AppNexus

For nearly 20 years, Ben has been passionately developing software systems. As a CTO at AppNexus, he's responsible for product development, engineering & infrastructure. At his spare time, Ben enjoys teaching and mentoring students across the world.

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Speaker: Matt Moresco

Software Engineer @AppNexus

Matt is a software engineer on the Data Engineering, Realtime Platform team at AppNexus, where he works on a system responsible for processing upwards of 15M messages/second. He's spent the past few years learning why moving data from point A to point B is never as simple as it seems. When he's not trying to make bytes move faster, Matt enjoys moving barbells from point A to point B.

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