Presentation: The Paved PaaS to Microservices at Netflix

Track: Microservices: Patterns & Practices

Location: Broadway Ballroom North Center, 6th fl.

Duration: 11:50am - 12:40pm

Day of week: Monday

Level: Intermediate

Persona: Architect, Developer


Traditionally, a tug of war has existed between service reliability and engineering velocity. Increasing speed to fuel product innovation has meant making tradeoffs in reliability.

Netflix standardizes common functionality, like service discovery, configuration, metrics, logging, and RPC across services. This frees teams to focus on the unique business value of their service. It also enables us to evolve and maintain platform components independently from individual services.

Even with a standard set of components, service owners still need to combine these disparate elements into a coherent platform. We reduce this friction by providing a preassembled platform where teams only need to provide their business logic, and not worry about assembling the service from scratch.

We can further streamline the service lifecycle by providing automation and tooling for development, testing, deployment and operations. We provide "one click" solutions to automatically generate the associated pipelines, machinery, and infrastructure that's required to run their service reliably in production.

These patterns, while described in a Netflix context, can be broadly applicable to increase both reliability and velocity of your microservices architecture.

Speaker: Yunong Xiao

Principal Software Engineer @Netflix

Yunong is principal software engineer at Netflix in Los Gatos, CA. He's currently leading the design and architecture of the Netflix API Platform. He's spent stints of his career at AWS and Joyent, where he worked on distributed systems and helped to shape and build several cloud computing products such as AWS IAM and Manta. He also maintains the open source Node.js framework restify. Yunong received a BaSc with honours in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

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