Presentation: The Marriage of Communication and Code

Track: Optimizing Yourself

Location: Liberty, 8th fl.

Duration: 1:40pm - 2:30pm

Day of week: Wednesday

Level: Beginner

Persona: General Software


Communication and Code are more inextricably linked than you would ever imagine, at least that's what Corgibytes founders Scott Ford and Andrea Goulet discovered. After running their software consultancy for two years together, they decided to tie the knot and get married. Little did they know that couples counseling would be a catalyst for supercharging their ability to navigate difficult conversations with clients, collaborate better with their team, and expand their own skill sets. Now, they'll share their top five tips with you so you can immediately improve your communication and accelerate your career.

Speaker: Andrea Goulet

CEO & Co-Founder @Corgibytes | Named as LinkedIn Top 10 Professional Under 35 in Software

Andrea Goulet is the CEO of Corgibytes, a software-development shop dedicated to maintaining and modernizing software applications, and has been named by LinkedIn as one of the top 10 professionals in software under 35. She’s the founder of LegacyCode.Rocks and hosts a podcast dedicated to changing the way we think about legacy code. You may recognize her from prominent industry publications such as the First Round Review, Hanselminutes, and Developer Tea. Andrea is a sought-after keynote speaker who is currently working on her first book: Becoming Technical: Build an Amazing Career in Tech Starting at Square Zero.

In her spare time, Andrea enjoys blogging about the intersection of social science and software. She loves watching her kids explore the world and is a sucker for a good physics documentary. You can recognize her by the JavaScript tattoo on her wrist.

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Speaker: M. Scott Ford

Founder & Chief Code Whisperer @Corgibytes

M. Scott Ford is the Co-Founder and Chief Code Whisperer at Corgibytes, a software consultancy dedicated to modernizing existing codebases. Scott, who has been called the “Bob Vila of the internet”, is a polyglot developer who, at last count, is fluent in over twenty programming languages. Scott’s love of software restoration and remodeling began in college where he and his team were responsible for retrofiting the testing tools for the X-31 jet fighter. Since then, Scott has maintained a test-focused approach to his work and found the most joy in projects where an existing codebase needed to be improved. Scott is also a guest lecturer on Continuous Delivery practices at Harvard University.

In addition to fixing old code, Scott enjoys anime, reading sci-fi fiction and comic books, contributing to open source projects, and spending time with his kids.

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