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Continuous evolution is the ability to add features easily to a running service while maintaining high availability, which is the key to high velocity in development. A repeated theme is a focus on immutability at many layers so that we can decouple specification from instantiation. Similarly, declarative techniques allow us to say what we mean rather than script one way to do it, which enables automation. Finally, specialization of APIs enables better support for classes of tasks, including those that are stateless or best effort.

Speaker: Eric Brewer

CAP Theorem Creator, VP Infrastructure @Google, CS Professor @UCBerkeley

Dr. Brewer joined Google in May 2011 and leads the company’s compute infrastructure design.

He focuses on all aspects of Internet­ based systems including cloud computing, scalability,

containers, and storage.

As a researcher, Dr. Brewer has led projects on scalable servers, network infrastructure, IoT,

and the CAP Theorem. He has also led work on technology for developing regions, with projects

in India, Indonesia, and Kenya among others, and including communications, power, and health


In 1996, he co­founded Inktomi Corporation with a Berkeley grad student and helped lead it

onto the NASDAQ 100. In 2000, working with President Clinton, Dr. Brewer helped to create, the official portal of the Federal government.

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