Speaker: Richard Kasperowski

QCon Open Space Facilitator
Richard Kasperowski is our Open Space facilitator for all three days of the conference. Richard is a Business Transformation Coach, Agile Coach, and Open Space Facilitator. He helps people, teams, and organizations understand what they have, discover and align around what they want, and transform from what they have to what they want. Richard facilitates and teaches Open Space at public conferences, including Agile Games, Scrum Gathering, InfoQ’s QCon, and Agile Boston. As a team manager at Nokia, Richard facilitated one of the longest running Open Spaces ever, a six-week long session that helped his team transform and solve a complex real-world problem. To connect with Richard: Follow him on Twitter at @rkasper, Skype him at skype:rkasperowski, Call him at +1 617 466 9754, Email him at r@kasperowski.com

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