Speaker: Ralph Winzinger

Software Architekt @Senacor
Ralph is senior technical leader at Senacor Technologies in Germany. His daily business covers the whole life cycle of software engineering from business analysis via architecture planning and software design to production delivery and post production support, also including coaching in those areas. Ralph is a strong supporter of agile methodologies and lightweight but nonetheless highly scaleable architectures. Although he is mainly working on the server side, he already started to enjoy mobile front ends when WAP was popular and he still does, though now mostly in the field of iOS and HTML5/JavaScript development. Besides his daily job, Ralph is always interested in diving into new technologies - learning, discussion and challenging them. In that context, he also co-authored a book about using Node.js to build high performance applications. The parts of his life that are not dedicated to technology are reserved for family. And three kids can be just as surprising as hot technology trends.

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