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Are you sure you are doing continuous delivery? Yeah right! We thought we were too.

The journey to continuous delivery (CD) is long, winding and always evolving. Like with many things we thought we had achieved all we could with continuous delivery and then... our business model changed, and then... we decided to take something open source and then... we started a SaaS CD product from scratch. We soon realized that we weren’t doing all we could to continuously deliver. Come learn from our own experiences at ThoughtWorks as we talk about the lessons we have learned on our CD journey.

Attendees will leave with a set of practical steps to act as a guide on their journey to continuous delivery. We will start at the beginning, talk about the underlying practices and cultures you need to get started and what is needed to support you on your way.

Speaker: Aravind Venkatanaranappa

Product Manager @Thoughtworks

Aravind Venkatanaranappa (aka "Duck"), is the product manager of GoCD, an open-source continuous delivery tool created by ThoughtWorks. During Duck's 10 years at ThoughtWorks, he has worked with a non-profit in India working to reduce child mortality, and spent a year fostering a new office in Brazil. When not being a developer, tech lead or product manager on projects, he enjoys cooking, reading, and obsessively customizing his laptop setup for better productivity.

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Speaker: Suzie Prince

Head of Product @Thoughtworks

Suzie Prince is Head of Product for ThoughtWorks Studios. She has over ten years experience in software development as a business analyst and product manager designing and delivering software that is valuable, usable, feasible, and desirable. She is currently the product manager for a software-as-a-service continuous integration and continuous delivery tool for software engineering teams. Her team practices continuous integration and continuous delivery everyday to deliver quality software to their users. On weekends, you'll find her either eating in San Francisco's Mission district or hiking in California's National Parks.

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