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At last year’s QCon New York, there were a good number of questions in one of the sessions on how to work on a Scrum team with virtual team members. This session is to learn tools and techniques for working with remote team members in general and on a Scrum team in particular. The key is that everyone on the team is equally valued no matter where they happen to sit. While it takes more work to make this happen, the results are well worth it. Since this is a BoF, there is also time for discussion and attendees to share their best practices.

Speaker: Jeanne Boyarsky

Java developer and ScrumMaster

Jeanne Boyarsky is a Java developer and part time ScrumMaster. She co-authored Wiley’s OCA/OCP 8 certification books. In addition to volunteering at CodeRanch, she mentors the programmers on a high school robotics team.

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