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Machine learning and data mining, as a whole, try to distill patterns from large amounts of past data in the hopes of predicting future event. This model is problematic when predictions cause actions which influence the future or when the future cannot be assumed to be like the past. This is true, for example, in most security or abuse prevention applications. In the online model, one operates in an adaptive mode without assumptions of data stochasticity. The goal is to act in a way that is provably close to optimal for any sequence of inputs. Interestingly, this is often possible without standard ML machinery. This talk will present some basic concepts and an introduction to this fascinating subfield of computer science.

Speaker: Edo Liberty

Head of Yahoo's Independent Research

Edo is the head of Yahoo's Independent Research in New York which focuses on scalable machine learning and data mining for Yahoo's critical applications. He received his B.Sc in Physics and Computer Science from Tel Aviv university and his Ph.D in Computer Science from Yale University where he was also a Post-Doctoral fellow at Program in Applied Mathematics. After co-founding a NY based company in 2009 he joined Yahoo. His personal research focuses on streaming and online algorithms, machine learning, and large scale data mining.

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