Presentation: The Engineer's Guide To HotSpot JIT Compilation



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Adaptive compilation and runtime in the OpenJDK Hotspot VM offers significant performance enhancements for our tools and applications in Java and other JVM languages. Understanding how it works provides developers with critical information on the Java HotSpot JIT compilation and runtime techniques such as vectorization, compressed OOPs etc., to assist in understanding performance for both client and server applications. We will focus on the internals of OpenJDK 8, the reference implementation for Java SE8.

Speaker: Monica Beckwith

Led G1 Garbage Collector Performance Effort

Monica Beckwith is an Independent Consultant specializing in optimizing the Java Virtual Machine and the Garbage Collectors for enterprise applications. She is a regular speaker at various conferences and has several published articles on topics including garbage collection, the Java memory model and others. Monica led Oracle's Garbage First Garbage Collector performance team, and was named a JavaOne 2013 Rock Star.

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