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We live in an increasingly global economy, where we are able draw from a group far larger than just local talent to staff our current needs. Total number of jobs outsourced in 2015 was near 2.5 million with over 200K of them being Software Development jobs specifically. Hence we are not just focusing on building an Engineering Culture locally within our NYC and US offices, but increasingly we are faced with a need to translate that culture to an offshore office. In the process we need to get over cultural, technical and physical hurdles. It would be great to work with a similar minded group of people who are facing similar issues working with offshore offices, contracting companies and remote employees.

Speaker: Stacy Gorelik

Director of Engineering @XOGroupInc

Stacy Gorelik is a Director of Engineering at XO Group Inc, the premier consumer media and technology company devoted to weddings, babies and everything in between through our family of brands—The Knot, The Bump and The Nest. After her graduation from Carnegie Mellon University with dual degree in Computer Science and Biology, Stacy has started her career as software developer in the New York Financial Industry working for a mix of Financial Institutions and Technology/Consulting firms. Prior to coming to XO group, Stacy has spent 7 years as Software Engineer, Tech Lead and Engineering Manager at Amplify Education developing educational assessment software and talented engineers around her. In the span of those 15 years Stacy has worked with and lead teams of Engineers and QAs in US, India, Ukraine and China.

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