Presentation: CD Pipelines in a Containerized and Post-Container World



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Containers and microservice thinking have changed the way we deploy and build software for the cloud. The tooling and technologies have evolved quickly, but release methodologies have have not seen the same pace of evolution.

This session will demonstrate some of the shifting concerns and considerations of build and deployment pipelines during and after the transition to containers. It will explore the impact of new tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS Lambda on the build, release and deployment cycle of your applications and services.

It will also discuss some of the common patterns and cultural considerations that have been successful for companies transitioning to modern ways of working.

Speaker: Matt Urbanski

Lead Engineer @Contino

Matt Urbanski is a Principal Devops Consultant with experience across a variety of industries including finance, government, retail, and networking. Most recently his focus has been on continuous delivery and scalability, and how to bake these concepts into application architecture using a holistic view of the stack. He is passionate about performance, security, and infrastructure as code. Prior to joining Contino, Matt was a software developer and CTO of a high frequency prop trading firm.

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