9:00am - 4:00pm


Participants should ideally be familiar with another JavaScript MVC framework such as Backbone or Angular, but at a minimum JavaScript the language and jQuery, as well as fundamental web concepts and tools, as well as basic developer tools such as Bash and Git. All participants will need a laptop with NodeJS installed. We'll be working from two repositories on GitHub and participants should have cloned down both prior to attending: http://bit.ly/1Geaykm and http://bit.ly/1bOD695

Tutorial: ReactJS Immersive

ReactJS is a JavaScript library built by Facebook and Instagram that makes it easy to build large, complex user interfaces. Its special sauce is that it renders HTML using an incredibly fast virtual DOM diff algorithm, providing much better performance than competing platforms. It is paired with a “one-way reactive data flow”, called Flux, which is much simpler to understand than traditional data-binding and helps codebases scale client side business logic. You'll get an in depth look at both during the immersive.

ReactJS is absolutely exploding in popularity, and with good reason. Backbone apps grew to unmanageable and unavoidable complexity. Angular bites the dust on perf and may not survive its rewrite. Meanwhile, React Native is adding even more value by smoothing over the gap between web and native performance. Come for a deeply reasoned, hands on keyboard look at the future of web application development. As a bonus, we'll cover computed styles (see: http://formidablelabs.com/blog/2015/03/01/launching-radium/), which is leveraged by both React and React Native at Facebook.

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