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Video schedule 2018

Over the course of the next 4 months, you can take a trip down memory lane and experience the presentations you attended or the ones you missed due to conflicting presentations. Videos of the presentations will be posted on InfoQ.com Enterprise Software Development Community. Below you can find the publication calendar:
16 JUL
  1. Chick-Fil-A: Milking the Most Out of 1000's of K8s Clusters
  2. Java 11 - Keeping the Java Release Train on the Right Track
  3. Control Planes: Designing Infrastructure for Rapid Iteration
  4. Effective Java, Third Edition - Keepin' it Effective
  5. CRI Runtimes Deep Dive: Who's Running My Kubernetes Pod!?
  • Caleb Hurd & Brian Chambers
  • Jeanne Boyarsky
  • Mohit Gupta
  • Joshua Bloch
  • Phil Estes
23 JUL
  1. Properties of Chaos
  2. Containers at Web Scale Panel
  3. Heretical Resilience: To Repair is Human
  4. Observability to Better Serverless Apps
  5. Using Chaos to Build Resilient Systems
  • Nathan Aschbacher
  • Kenny Yu, Victor Marmol, Andrew Leung & Xiaojian Huang
  • Ryn Daniels
  • Erica Windisch
  • Tammy Butow
30 JUL
  1. Serverless Patterns and Anti-patterns
  2. Unbreakable: Learning to Bend but Not Break at Netflix
  3. Serverless + Containers = Modern Cloud Applications
  4. Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again?
  5. Serving Millions of Customers Serverless at CapitalOne
  • Joe Emison
  • Haley Tucker
  • Donna Malayeri
  • David Blank-Edelman
  • Srini Uppalapati & Kiran Satelli
  1. Forced Evolution: Shopify's Journey to Kubernetes
  2. Developers as a Malware Distribution Vehicle
  3. A Brief, Opinionated History of the API
  4. The History of Fire Escapes
  5. Lyft's Envoy: Embracing a Service Mesh
  • Niko Kurtti
  • Guy Podjarny
  • Joshua Bloch
  • Tanya Reilly
  • Matt Klein
13 AUG
  1. Canopy: Scalable Distributed Tracing & Analysis @ Facebook
  2. Scaling Push Messaging for Millions of Devices @Netflix
  3. Closer to the Wire: Real-Time News Alerting @Bloomberg
  4. Skype's Journey from P2P: It's Not Just about the Services
  5. Large Scale Architectures Panel
  • Haozhe Gao & Joe O'Neill
  • Susheel Aroskar
  • Katerina Domenikou
  • Bruce Lowekamp
  • Karen Casella, Matt Klein, Bruce Lowekamp, Haozhe Gao, Joe O’Neill, Susheel Aroskar & Katerina Domenikou
20 AUG
  1. Deep Learning for Application Performance Optimization
  2. ML Data Pipelines for Real-Time Fraud Prevention @PayPal
  3. Engineering Systems for Real-Time Predictions @DoorDash
  4. How Machines Help Humans Root Case Issues @ Netflix
  5. Privacy Ethics – A Big Data Problem
  • Zoran Sevarac
  • Mikhail Kourjanski
  • Raghav Ramesh
  • Seth Katz
  • Raghu Gollamudi
27 AUG
  1. Data, GDPR & Privacy: Doing It "Right" Without Losing It All
  2. Ethics in Computing Panel
  3. Organizing for Your Ethical Principles
  4. Spurring the Ethical Imagination
  5. Ethics in Computing, From Academia to Industry
  • Amie Durr
  • Kathy Pham, Natalie Evans Harris & Raghu Gollamudi
  • Liz Fong-Jones
  • Natalie Evans Harris
  • Kathy Pham
  1. UI Evolving, Platform Evolving, Architecture Evolving
  2. Rethinking HCI with neural interfaces @CTRLlabsco
  3. Smart Speakers: Designing for the Human
  4. Behavioral Economics and ChatBots
  5. Probabilistic Programming from Scratch
  • Xianning Liu
  • Adam Berenzweig
  • Charles Berg
  • Jim Clark
  • Mike Lee Williams
10 SEP
  1. Complex Event Flows in Distributed Systems
  2. Designing Events-First Microservices
  3. Debugging Microservices: How Google SREs Resolve Outages
  4. No Microservice Is an Island
  5. Design Microservice Architectures the Right Way
  • Bernd Ruecker
  • Jonas Bonér
  • Adam Mckaig & Liz Fong-Jones
  • Michele Titolo
  • Michael Bryzek
17 SEP
  1. Coinbase Commerce: A User-Controlled Payment Processor
  2. How Blockchain Has Created a New Paradigm in Security
  3. How to Leverage Libp2p for Blockchain Applications
  4. How Blockchains Work and How to Scale Them
  5. Blockchain Enabled: Ask The Experts Panel
  • Amy Yin
  • Paul Puey
  • Chris Pacia
  • Uri Klarman
  • Eran Eyal, Uri Klarman, Paul Puey, Chris Pacia, Joshua Ellithorpe & Amy Yin
24 SEP
  1. Challenges & Solutions for a Blockchain-powered Future
  2. Fast Log Analysis by Automatically Parsing Heterogeneous Log
  3. Git Gud with Property-based Testing
  4. Real-time, Fine-grained Version Control with CRDTs
  5. AutoCAD & WebAssembly: Moving a 30 Year Code Base to the Web
  • Eran Eyal
  • Biplob Debnath & Will Dennis
  • Katie Cleary
  • Nathan Sobo
  • Kevin Cheung
  1. Introduction to gVisor: Sandboxed Linux Container Runtime
  2. Dynamic Reteaming: The Art & Wisdom of Changing Teams
  3. The Story of Teams Autonomy and Servant Leadership
  4. Breaking Codes, Designing Jets and Building Teams
  • Emma Haruka Iwao
  • Heidi Helfand
  • Georgiy Mogelashvili
  • Randy Shoup
  1. Empowering Agile Self-Organized Teams with Design Thinking
  2. "Yo... Ask Me Anything" - Panel of NY Senior Java Developers
  3. Efficient Fault Tolerant Java with Aeron Clustering
  4. Invest in Your Java Katalogue
  5. Why Bother with Kotlin - Not Just Another Language Tour
  • William Evans
  • Jeanne Boyarsky, Justin Lee, Sai Sharan Donthi, Don Raab & Chandra Guntur
  • Todd Montgomery
  • Don Raab & Aditi Mantri
  • Justin Lee
15 OCT
  1. A Neurobiologist's Guide to Mind Manipulation
  2. Succession: A Refactoring Story
  3. Better DevEx at Netflix: Polyglot and Containers
  4. Help! I Accidentally Distributed My System!
  5. Platforms at Twilio: Unlocking Developer Effectiveness
  • Casey Watts
  • Katrina Owen
  • Mike McGarr
  • Emily Nakashima & Rachel Myers
  • Justin Kitagawa
22 OCT
  1. Digital Publishing for Scale: The Economist and Go
  2. Programming in Hostile Environments
  3. Next Gen Networking Infrastructure with Rust
  4. Modeling the Real World with Elixir/OTP
  5. Solving New School with the Old School (Clojure)
  • Kathryn Jonas
  • Nathan Goulding
  • Carl Lerche
  • Aish Raj Dahal
  • Jearvon Dharrie
29 OCT
  1. Making Security Usable: Product Engineer Perspective
  2. Data Security Dreams and Nightmares
  3. Seven Strategies for Scaling Product Security
  4. Defense in Depth: in Depth
  • Anastasiia Voitova
  • Alex Holden
  • Angelo Prado
  • Chelsea Komlo
Note: These dates are subject to change without notice.

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