Monday, 13 June

  • Architectures You've Always Wondered About

    Case studies from: Google, Linkedin, Alibaba, Twitter, and more...

  • DevOps - Operating What You Build

    Real-world lessons and practices that enable the devops nirvana of operating what you build

  • Incredible Power of an Open-Sourced .NET

    .NET is more than you may think. From Rx to C# 7 designed in the open, learn more about the power of open source .NET

  • Modern CS in the Real World

    Real-world Industry adoption of modern CS ideas

  • Stream Processing @ Scale

    Technologies and techniques to handle ever increasing data streams

Tuesday, 14 June

  • Better than Resilient: Antifragile

    Failure is a constant in production systems, learn how to wield it to your advantage to build more robust systems.

  • Containers: From Dev to Prod

    Beyond the buzz and into the how and why of running containers in production

  • Culture As Differentiator

    Stories of companies and team for whom engineering culture is a differentiator - in delivering faster, in attracting better talent, and in making their businesses more successful.

  • Innovations in Java and the Java Ecosystem

    Cutting Edge Java Innovations for the Real World

  • Security War Stories

    Expert-level security track led by well known and respected leaders in the field

Wednesday, 15 June

  • API-First Architectures and Tools

    API-based application development, and the tooling and techniques to support effectively working with APIs in the small or at scale. Using internal and external APIs

  • Commoditized Machine Learning

    Barriers to entry for applied ML are lower than ever before, jumpstart your journey

  • Full Stack Javascript

    Browser, server, devices - JavaScript is everywhere

  • Microservices and Monoliths

    Practical lessons on services. Asks the question when and when to NOT go with Microservices?

  • Optimizing Yourself

    Keeping life in balance is always a challenge. Learning lifehacks

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