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Scaling DB Access for Billions of Queries Per Day @PayPal

As microservices scale and proliferate, they add increasing load on databases in terms of connections and resource usage. Open sourced in the Go programming language, Hera (High Efficiency Reliable Access to data stores) scales thousands of PayPal’s applications with connection...

Petrica Voicu Software Engineer @PayPal
Kenneth Kang Software Engineer @PayPal
Data Engineering Open Space

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Personalizing Netflix with Streaming Datasets

Streaming applications have historically been complex to design and implement because of the significant infrastructure investment. However, recent active developments in various streaming platforms provide an easy transition to stream processing, and enable analytics applications/experiments to...

Shriya Arora Senior Data Engineer @Netflix
Adopting Stream Processing for Instrumentation

In the midst of building a multi-datacenter, multi-tenant instrumentation and visibility system, we arrived at stream processing as an alternative to storing, forwarding, and post-processing metrics as traditional systems do. However, the streaming paradigm is alien to many engineers and...

Sean Cribbs Software Engineer @Comcast
Streaming Microservices: Contracts & Compatibility

In a world of microservices that communicate via unbounded streams of events, schemas are the contracts between the services. Having an agreed contract allows the teams developing those services to move fast, by reducing the risk involved in making changes. Yet delivering events with schema...

Gwen Shapira Engineering manager @Confluent, Apache Kafka PMC, author of Kafka the Definitive Guide
Survival of the Fittest - Streaming Architectures

​“Perfect is the enemy of good” ​ ​ -​ ​Voltaire On the journey through life, we learn and adapt via trial and error - software development is no different. We realize and accept that we won’t build the perfect solution the first time around, it takes many iterations. At...

Michael Hansen Principal Data Engineer @hbcdigital


Petrica Voicu Software Engineer @PayPal Kenneth Kang Software Engineer @PayPal

Scaling DB Access for Billions of Queries Per Day @PayPal

What is the focus of your work today?

Petrica: I am working on developing Hera, which is High Efficiency Reliable Access to data sources, basically a proxy to databases. We support Oracle and MySQL. Hera helps PayPal scale.

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