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Past Presentations

Software Updates in an Orchestrated World

Scaling software teams is hard. The explosion of new tools, packaging, and orchestration approaches has only added to the challenge. In this talk I'll illustrate, through examples and demos, a systematic way of managing package repositories and metadata for all types, from operating system...

Craig Peters Director of Product @JFrog
Understanding Code Performance in Production

What's going on in production?! Are you tired of asking this question or just curious at how others are solving this issue with application monitoring? Come and hear about why it's vital to have real-time feedback on the performance of your code in production, how you can use this data to...

Billy Yung Solutions Engineer @AppDynamics
Autonomous Microservices

Everybody loves microservices, but it's difficult to do it right. Distributed systems are much more complex to develop and maintain. Over time, you may even miss the simplicity of old monoliths. In this session, I propose a combination of infrastructure, architecture, and design principles to...

Matthew Groves Developer Advocate @Couchbase
Ballerina - Cloud Native Programming Language

Crazy customer demand has caused companies like Google and Amazon to build massively disaggregated architectures in order to scale. Massively disaggregated approaches like microservices, serverless, and APIs are becoming the norm for us all. These disaggregated components are network accessible...

Sameera Jayasoma Director, Platform Architecture @Ballerina
How to Accelerate Delivery of Reliable Software

There has been an awakening. Automated workflows are the gold standard for delivering top quality products in an agile environment, but with constant change, comes constant risk. New code is deployed at faster rates, but Continuous Delivery often also means having to deal with continuous errors....

Eric Mizell VP Solution Engineering @OverOps
Graph Algorithms on ACID: Combining OLTP+OLAP+Visualization

When most data scientists think of Graph Algorithms, they think of batch analytical processes running computation on a graph in R/iGraph, Gephi, etc. These tools certainly provide great insight into your data, but they don't provide the ability for applications to make real-time decisions based...

Ryan Boyd Engineer & Director of DevRel

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