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Smart Speakers: Designing for the Human

The growth of smart speakers over the last couple years has been remarkable, but experiences on the speakers themselves has been limited to only a few things. How can product developers create experiences that will be meaningful to the user? A lot of skills on these speakers miss the mark by...

Charles Berg UX Lead @Google
High-Touch Service @ Scale: Shopping Apps With a Human Face

Personalized content and product recommendations powered by machine learning algorithms are now the bread and butter of shopping apps. As our customers exponentially shift to digital every year, we continuously seek ways to differentiate ourselves in helping customers find the products they...

Natalia Bartol Director, Mobile Engineering @hudsonsbay
Kyla Robinson Director, Product Mobile Apps @hudsonsbay
Rethinking HCI With Neural Interfaces @CTRLlabsco

Brain-computer interfaces, neuromuscular interfaces, and other machine-learning driven biosensing techniques can eliminate the need for physical controllers. In the context of interaction design, “control” is the process of transforming intention in the mind into action taken in the world (or...

Adam Berenzweig Director of R&D @CTRLlabsCo


Adam Berenzweig Director of R&D @CTRLlabsCo

Rethinking HCI With Neural Interfaces @CTRLlabsco

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