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Java @Speed: Get the Most out of Modern Hardware

Putting a technology to use in Finserv environments is a great way to find and stretch its limitations, and Java is a great example of that. Behavior artifacts that may be generally interesting across industries often become highlighted as specifically named problems in FinServ. For example,...

Gil Tene CTO & Co-Founder @AzulSystems
Refactor Frontend APIs & Accounting for Tech Debt

It can feel like a Shakespearean tragedy having to deal with technical debt when starting feature work - especially when the debt was accrued from a pair of star-crossed lovers - two teams working in parallel. Based on her recent work adding Apple Pay support to perk itemization at Indiegogo,...

Julia Nguyen Software Engineer @Indiegogo
Platforms at Twilio: Unlocking Developer Effectiveness

What does the DevOps tooling look like at your organization? A result of the mainstream adoption of microservice architectures and DevOps culture is the increased burden of complexity and responsibilities for software engineers. Since Twilio’s inception, it has adopted a DevOps culture of...

Justin Kitagawa Senior Director Platform Engineering @twilio
A Series of Unfortunate Container Events @Netflix

Project Titus is Netflix's container runtime on top of Amazon EC2. Titus powers algorithm research through massively parallel model training, media encoding, data research notebooks, ad hoc reporting, NodeJS UI services, stream processing and general micro-services. As an update from last year's...

Andrew Spyker Manager, Netflix Container Cloud @Netflix
Amit Joshi Senior Software Engineer @Netflix
Evaluating Machine Learning Models: A Case Study

American homes represent a $25 trillion asset class, with very little liquidity. Selling a home on the market takes months of hassle and uncertainty. Opendoor offers to buy houses from sellers, charging a fee for this service. Opendoor bears the risk in reselling the house and needs to understand...

Nelson Ray Data Scientist @Opendoor
A Brief, Opinionated History of the API

APIs have been with us for 65 years or so, but what exactly are they, and where did they come from? They come in all shapes, sizes, and disguises. In this talk, we'll discuss the fascinating history of APIs and look at a few prominent examples with an eye to distilling their essence....

Joshua Bloch Author of Effective Java, Lead Design of Java Collection API & Carnegie Mellon Professor


Chenggang Wu CS PhD student at RISELab, UC Berkeley

The State of Serverless Computing

What is the focus of your work today?

I am a PhD student at RISELab at UC Berkeley. My research interest is in distributed systems and database field. In the past couple of years I worked on developing a key-value store called Anna. That's a fast and auto-scaling key-value store. It provides a wide variety of consistency guarantees to the applications. Now our team are...

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Faisal Abid Co-Founder at & Google Developer Expert

Build Cross Platform Apps With Flutter

What is the focus of your work today?

I am the Co-Founder of, a Machine learning powered API monitoring service, where we analyze your API requests and responses using machine learning, notifying you when your API breaks before your users do.

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Indu Alagarsamy Solution Architect @Particular Software

PracticalDDD: Bounded Contexts + Events => Microservices

What is the focus of your work today?

I'm currently working as a software architect at Particular Software, the makers of NServiceBus. As an architect, I guide clients to help review their design or proof of concept to see how they can build loosely coupled systems using both event-driven architecture and domain-driven design (DDD).

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Fei Guo Senior Staff Engineer in Alibaba Container Platform Group

Alibaba Container Platform Infrastructure - a Kubernetes Approach

What is the focus of your work today?

I'm currently working on Alibaba Container Platform team, focusing on the integration of the Kubernetes including extending it for our workloads and needs in terms of creating new controllers making the Scheduler more scalable and providing native Kubernetes API to the upper pass layer demanded by other clients in the Alibaba cloud...

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Jiaying Zhang Software Engineer @Google Kubernetes team

How to Evolve Kubernetes Resource Management Model

What is the focus of your work today?

I'm mostly working on two major things: a) Improve Kubernetes reliability in terms of resource isolation. We want to provide better isolation between containers by hardening the resource model. b) We also attempt to see how we can better support other non-primary resources such as GPU.

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Michele Titolo Tech Lead and Architect @Square

No Microservice Is an Island

You worked at Capital One first and then switched over to Square. So what were you working on at Capital One?

At Capital One, I was working on the first layer of services that our mobile app and website hit. Any new mobile or web request would first reach the service owned by my team.  This service implemented security and customisation logic and then made a server request to the broader Capital one ecosystem. Capital One has a lot of...

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