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Past Presentations

Building and Operating a Serverless Data Pipeline

At Intent our machine learning platform processes real-time and historical data to predict user intent on billions of page views a month.  At the heart of this system is a serverless data pipeline that allows us to gather, process, store, and analyze data from disparate data sources....

Will Norman Director Of Engineering at Intent
The Not-So-Straightforward Road From Microservices to Serverless

For the last ten years or so, many companies have focused on migrating from larger, monolithic systems and applications towards a specific style of Service-Oriented Architecture called Microservices. The promise was that these smaller, loosely-coupled, and independently developed components would...

Phil Calçado Director, Platform Engineering @Meetup
Fearless AWS Lambdas

The modern Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is the culmination of millions of hours of expert engineering, and is the foundation on which enormous portions of the digital landscape are built. However, as a runtime for AWS Lambda functions, the JVM is often derided as being a poor fit for an ephemeral...

John Chapin Cloud Technology Consultant with an expertise in Serverless Computing
Serverless Sec & Things That Go Bump in the Night

Serverless architectures created using Functions as a Service solutions like AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions or Azure Functions unlock new design patterns at extremely low cost, but with the servers having gone into hiding under the bed, have all our security problems also left our bedroom for...

Erik Peterson CEO & Co-Founder @CloudZeroInc
Serverless Platform: Scientific Computation @Scale

Data Intensive applications are everywhere, and they present a very unique set of challenges that traditional OLTP services present. Over the last decades we have re-invented how data intensive applications work by deploying Map-Reduce at scale with Hadoop, and recently by Spark and Samza which...

Diptanu Choudhury Cloud Infrastructure Engineer @Facebook
Observability to Better Serverless Apps

Development teams use various formal solutions such as Lean and Agile to learn from users and apply these to building better software. We'll dive into how serverless development with observability tooling can help bridge the gap between operations and business intelligence to learn better and...

Erica Windisch CTO @IOpipes, former Maintainer Docker & OpenStack


Erica Windisch CTO @IOpipes, former Maintainer Docker & OpenStack

Observability to Better Serverless Apps

What's your talk about?

Serverless computing brings with it a lot of convenience, but it also presents a number of challenges for existing tools and an operational mindset.

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Tyler Love CTO @bustle

Seamlessly Migrating To Serverless with 80-Million Users

Is your talk a story of a migration to a serverless architecture through a devops lens or maybe are you talking about practices and patterns for serverless? What's the angle that you're taking with your talk?

I'm starting with just building a little bit of a foundation for what I feel devops actually is. There's a lot of charts about like the process project creation, packaging, releasing, and monitoring in a serverless world. Then start talking about devops for us.

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Joe Emison CTO @Branch

Serverless Patterns and Anti-Patterns

What’s the structure of this talk?

I strongly believe in getting the definition right and also talking about what I’m optimizing for. I will start with when I say serverless what do I mean. It’s about achieving business goals. It’s about not doing the undifferentiated heavy lifting. It’s about spending 95% (or more_ of your in-house developers time on...

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Chenggang Wu CS PhD student at RISELab, UC Berkeley

The State of Serverless Computing

What is the focus of your work today?

I am a PhD student at RISELab at UC Berkeley. My research interest is in distributed systems and database field. In the past couple of years I worked on developing a key-value store called Anna. That's a fast and auto-scaling key-value store. It provides a wide variety of consistency guarantees to the applications. Now our team are...

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Will Norman Director Of Engineering at Intent

Building and Operating a Serverless Data Pipeline

What is the focus of your work these days?

I'm the lead of the data platform team at Intent. Intent is a data science company that helps commerce sites maximize the value for each person who visits their site. Our main product is an ad network that runs on travel sites. On the data platform team we oversee our data pipeline, that collects data from ad servers and various...

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