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Past Presentations

Scaling Event Sourcing for Netflix Downloads

In November of 2016 Netflix successfully launched its new Download feature, allowing users to download and play content offline on their mobile devices. This feature required us to change our previously stateless distributed licensing service to be real time and stateful. In a matter of months we...

Phillipa Avery Senior Software Engineer @Netflix
Robert Reta Senior Software Engineer @Netflix
Unifying Banks & Blockchains @Coinbase

With over 6 million users across 33 countries, Coinbase is an industry leader building the bridge between traditional finance and the blockchain space. Our goal at Coinbase is to provide simple and secure exchange services to users worldwide for blockchain-based digital assets. The networks that...

Jim Posen Tech Lead @Coinbase
IOT and Edge Compute at Chick-fil-A

Internet of Things (IoT) is radically changing the way Chick-fil-A does business. At Chick-fil-A, we see IoT as a strategic capability to enable in-restaurant interactions, from the front-of-house customer experience to back-of-house kitchen automation. IoT discussions often stop at data...

Brian Chambers Enterprise Architect @ChickfilA
Functional/Microservices in Real-Time Financials

Financial institutions have the responsibility of providing reliable, correct, and audited financial records for theirs customers and regulators. As financial services move towards real-time and adopt microservices architectures, how can they ensure data quality in a distributed system without...

Vitor Olivier Software Engineer and Partner @Nubank
Seamlessly Migrating To Serverless with 80-Million Users

A deep dive into how serverless won over traditional approaches to web stacks. How it impacted DevOps, costs, and what we look forward to in the future.

Tyler Love CTO @bustle


Tyler Love CTO @bustle

Seamlessly Migrating To Serverless with 80-Million Users

Is your talk a story of a migration to a serverless architecture through a devops lens or maybe are you talking about practices and patterns for serverless? What's the angle that you're taking with your talk?

I'm starting with just building a little bit of a foundation for what I feel devops actually is. There's a lot of charts about like the process project creation, packaging, releasing, and monitoring in a serverless world. Then start talking about devops for us.

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