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Pony: Actor-Based Language for Low-Latency Streams

Pony is a high-performance, actor based language that compiles to native code. Pony holds great promise for writing *the kinds of* highly concurrent, performance sensitive applications that dominate Fintech. In this talk, I'll discuss my experiences using Pony to build Wallaroo: a...

Sean T. Allen VP of Engineering @WallarooLabs
Take Two: Evolving Microservice Architectures

Discussion of microservice architectures often emphasizes the transition from monolith to microservices. No less important, though, is the strategy for successfully evolving a microservice-based architecture over time. Change is inevitable, and assumptions made when microservice boundaries were...

Andrew Hart Platform Director, "SeatGeek Open"​ @SeatGeek
Why Bother With Kotlin - Not Just Another Language Tour

Most presentations introducing a new programming language are really just simple language tours.  A lot of interesting language features are shown but it's not always clear *why* one would choose to adopt that new language. This presentation will start by looking at the layout and syntax of...

Justin Lee Principal Software Engineer @RedHat
Real World Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been all the rage of late. With a myriad new devices and everyone talking about it, it’s easy to get lost in the hype cycle… but how much has VR made it into the real world? Having reached more than a million students, Google Expeditions is at the forefront of bringing VR...

Alex Kesling VR Engineer @Google
Nonconformist Resilience: DB-Backed Job Queues

Resilience in the face of chaos is a tall order. As a vertically integrated financial institution where rapidly delivered features with complete data consistency and scrupulous correctness are all non-negotiable, Betterment had its work cut out for it. So we moved the goalposts - inward. By...

John Mileham VP Architecture @Betterment
Serverless NYC @ QCon

6:40-7:00pm Networking 7:00pm-7:15pm Welcome, Serverless Overview Wayne Scarano, Cloud/Security Architect, sga.com 7:15pm-8:15pm Applying principles of chaos engineering to Serverless Chaos engineering is a discipline that focuses on improving system...


Tyler Love CTO @bustle

Seamlessly Migrating To Serverless with 80-Million Users

Is your talk a story of a migration to a serverless architecture through a devops lens or maybe are you talking about practices and patterns for serverless? What's the angle that you're taking with your talk?

I'm starting with just building a little bit of a foundation for what I feel devops actually is. There's a lot of charts about like the process project creation, packaging, releasing, and monitoring in a serverless world. Then start talking about devops for us.

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Kathryn Jonas Lead Engineer

Digital Publishing for Scale: The Economist and Go

Would you describe your work at The Economist?

I am the lead engineer for the content platform team at The Economist. We deliver content to different products within The Economist (as well as to our external consumers). Our team is responsible for adding new features to the content platform thereby helping the business build new products.

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Liz Fong-Jones Site Reliability Engineer

Organizing for Your Ethical Principles

What does organizing your ethical principle mean?

I can't tell you what your ethical principles are. I think that it’s important for you to figure out what is important to you. You have to figure out what you value, and what things you perceive as right or wrong.

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Adam Berenzweig Director of R&D @CTRLlabsCo

Rethinking HCI With Neural Interfaces @CTRLlabsco

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Justin Lee Principal Software Engineer @RedHat

Why Bother With Kotlin - Not Just Another Language Tour

Why should a developer come to this talk?

The way I like to describe Kotlin is that it has a lot of the advanced features that as a Java developer I'd look at Scala for. These are things that I think would be so nice if I could do it in Java. Kotlin has some of these nicer features, but it doesn't have all the complexity that Scala has. For me, Kotlin is a nice middle ground...

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Will Norman Director Of Engineering at Intent

Building and Operating a Serverless Data Pipeline

What is the focus of your work these days?

I'm the lead of the data platform team at Intent. Intent is a data science company that helps commerce sites maximize the value for each person who visits their site. Our main product is an ad network that runs on travel sites. On the data platform team we oversee our data pipeline, that collects data from ad servers and various...

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