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The Story of Teams Autonomy and Servant Leadership

When faced a tremendous growth, company may have a problem - how to motivate all their employees and set them for success? One of the possible solutions we experimented with at Booking.com was idea of having autonomous teams - teams without direct managers (team leads) and where each and every...

Georgiy Mogelashvili Senior Developer & Team Lead @bookingcom
Breaking Codes, Designing Jets and Building Teams

Throughout engineering history, focused and empowered teams have consistently achieved the near-impossible. Alan Turing, Tommy Flowers, and their teams at Bletchley Park broke Nazi codes, saved their country, and brought down the Third Reich. Kelly Johnson and the Lockheed Skunk Works designed...

Randy Shoup VP Engineering @WeWork
CTO School Meetup @QCon

Getting Real About Managing Up

Good boss, bad boss, manager, director, VP, CTO, CEO, boardmember, it doesn't matter, there are days they're going to need help aspiring to competence. In technology we're ambivalent about bosses. We promote the most competent engineer and wonder why they aren't great at...

Kellan Elliott-McCrea Coaching Executive Leadership in Technology Startups for High impact., Previously CTO @Etsy
Empathy: A Keystone Habit

Do you struggle to build trust, influence others, give effective feedback, and enable collaboration? This session will explore how empathy – the ability to understand others' needs and ensure that they know that you understand them – is what Charles Duhigg calls a "keystone...

Paul Tevis Coach & Facilitator at Vigemus
Thinking Methods - Systems Thinking at Work and Play

Complexity creates fun in the games we play and bugs in the code we squash. Thinking in systems focuses on understanding the context of this complexity through the patterns and structures around us; a perfect complement to Agile's small iterable steps.  Software features and bugs do not...

Wil Wade Senior Technical Lead @carbonfive


Georgiy Mogelashvili Senior Developer & Team Lead @bookingcom

The Story of Teams Autonomy and Servant Leadership

You are with booking.com. What do you do there?

My current title is called Senior Developer and Team Lead. I look after two teams which belong to the business booking organization which is aimed toward business customers. Those who travel for business, those who organize travel for others, an enterprise solution on our platform. My day is mostly solving team problems and helping...

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Wil Wade Senior Technical Lead @carbonfive

Thinking Methods - Systems Thinking at Work and Play

What is the focus of your work today?

I work at Carbon Five as a consultant. Carbon Five is really well known for pragmatically applying agile in a ton of different situations from startup to Fortune 500. On every project that I come into, it ends up being kind of the same concept of coming into a team and coming together to either create or make changes to both a product...

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