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Past Presentations

Machine Learning: From Theory to Practice

Happiness means more than being happy while you are working independently. It also means being happy with your team, your boss, your company. Yet, too often, teams gloss over the importance of team communication, only to find it’s their achilles heel of morale. In fact, effective team...

Debbie Madden CEO & Founder @Stride
Java Futures, 2019 Edition

Since last year, we've seen two more major versions of the JDK!  What's changed in the last year, and what's coming down the road?  Join Java Language Architect Brian Goetz in a whirlwind tour of just some of the features coming to Java next.

Brian Goetz Java Language Architect @Oracle
More Reliable Delivery with Monte Carlo & Mapping

Most teams are familiar with estimates using relative sizing, or story points based on the Fibonacci series, or t-shirt sizes. Most teams either agonize over the details of every estimate, hoping to be as accurate as possible, or rush through planning knowing the result will be off no matter the...

Conal Scanlon Product Management, Lean/Agile Software Development @FlatironHealth
The Trouble with Memory

When developers and operations are asked: what is the biggest performance bottleneck you face on a regular basis, it's rare that memory inefficiency comes up as an answer. Yet our observations suggest that approximately 60% of all Java applications suffer from this problem.  We also see...

Kirk Pepperdine Java Performance Expert & Java Champion
Beyond Entitlements for Cloud-Native

A Policy Engine is a tool that allows for checking user privileges as well as evaluate a responsibility matrix based on dynamic data for a given user. A Policy Engine is not only an Entitlement Management System but also provides for functional evaluation of conditions that result in...

Chandra Guntur Sr. Principal Architect, Resilient Systems Engineering @BNYMellon
Hong Liu Principal Developer, Resilient Systems Engineering @BNYMellon


Rossen Stoyanchev Spring Framework Committer @Pivotal

Reactive Programming for Java Developers

How would you describe the persona of the target audience of this talk? Is it aimed at someone who is currently working with Spring MVC app? Will you be talking about the Reactor Project?

If you are a Spring developer, this is certainly an important talk if you want to understand one of the major things coming to Spring Framework 5.

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Jeanne Boyarsky Java developer and ScrumMaster

Java 11 - Keeping the Java Release Train on the Right Track

Tell us a bit about the work that you are doing today.

I work for a large bank in New York City on the DevOps team, and we're automating the pipeline to enable continuous deployments to production. We've been doing automation for a lot of years. My team does a lot of coding and mentoring of others. It's amazing how much automation there is in order to get something to work for a lot of...

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Justin Lee Principal Software Engineer @RedHat

Why Bother With Kotlin - Not Just Another Language Tour

Why should a developer come to this talk?

The way I like to describe Kotlin is that it has a lot of the advanced features that as a Java developer I'd look at Scala for. These are things that I think would be so nice if I could do it in Java. Kotlin has some of these nicer features, but it doesn't have all the complexity that Scala has. For me, Kotlin is a nice middle ground...

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