Past Presentations

Effective Java, Third Edition - Keepin' it Effective

Since its release in 2001, Effective Java has been the de facto standard best-practices guide for the Java platform. The book was last updated in 2008, when Java 6 was released. In the intervening decade, the platform has had three major releases, introducing many new language and library...

Joshua Bloch Author of Effective Java, Lead Design of Java Collection API & Carnegie Mellon Professor
Reactive Programming for Java Developers

The JDK 9 java.util.concurrent.Flow class implements features from the Reactive Streams spec that provide non-blocking concurrency by supporting "push" style operations for items from an active source as they become available. This is the tip of the iceberg on the quest for reactive programming...

Rossen Stoyanchev Spring Framework Committer @Pivotal
Why Bother With Kotlin - Not Just Another Language Tour

Most presentations introducing a new programming language are really just simple language tours.  A lot of interesting language features are shown but it's not always clear *why* one would choose to adopt that new language. This presentation will start by looking at the layout and syntax of...

Justin Lee Principal Software Engineer @RedHat
Migrating Speedment to Java 9

Migrating a Java 8 application to Java 9 is not just an exercise in API management, but also a learning experience in areas such as memory management and package dependencies. This talk will share insights from our experience migrating Speedment to Java 9 with a focus on 2 key areas. First,...

Dan Lawesson CSO @Speedment

Dynamically Re-Configurable Event-Driven Systems

To take on new competitors and grab the attention of new generations of clients, traditional financial institutions are faced with the challenge of reinventing their service offering for a digital economy. Our new services must combine modern data types with legacy data, with interaction...



Rossen Stoyanchev Spring Framework Committer @Pivotal

Reactive Programming for Java Developers

How would you describe the persona of the target audience of this talk? Is it aimed at someone who is currently working with Spring MVC app? Will you be talking about the Reactor Project?

If you are a Spring developer, this is certainly an important talk if you want to understand one of the major things coming to Spring Framework 5.

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Jeanne Boyarsky Java developer and ScrumMaster

Java 11 - Keeping the Java Release Train on the Right Track

Tell us a bit about the work that you are doing today.

I work for a large bank in New York City on the DevOps team, and we're automating the pipeline to enable continuous deployments to production. We've been doing automation for a lot of years. My team does a lot of coding and mentoring of others. It's amazing how much automation there is in order to get something to work for a lot of...

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Justin Lee Principal Software Engineer @RedHat

Why Bother With Kotlin - Not Just Another Language Tour

Why should a developer come to this talk?

The way I like to describe Kotlin is that it has a lot of the advanced features that as a Java developer I'd look at Scala for. These are things that I think would be so nice if I could do it in Java. Kotlin has some of these nicer features, but it doesn't have all the complexity that Scala has. For me, Kotlin is a nice middle ground...

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