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Data as DNA: Building a Company on Data

Creating a data driven culture is no simple task. Many companies say they are data-centric but few are taking full advantage of the data they have and spend massive amounts of time aggregating it. What does it take to create a data-driven culture? And, can you take it too far? With stories from...

Cathy Polinsky CTO & Head of Engineering and Product @StitchFix
Exploring UI Composition in Aurelia

It’s long been said “favor composition over inheritance”. But how does that play out in a modern front-end framework? In this talk, we’ll look at Aurelia’s approach to UI composition through an exploration of its component model. We’ll see how both conventional and explicit...

Rob Eisenberg Sr. Program Manager @Microsoft / Creator of Caliburn.Micro, Durandal and Aurelia
Engineer Innovation Through Rapid Prototyping

Even the best ideas need to be shaped and refined to succeed in the market. Hatchery, Vistaprint's innovation lab, launched many products and services since being formed two years ago and we've refined our process for developing innovative products. We'll walk through how Hatchery generates ideas...

Ramon Harrington Principal Software Engineer @ Vistaprint
Fast Log Analysis by Automatically Parsing Heterogeneous Log

Most log analysis tools provide platforms for indexing, monitoring, and visualizing logs. Although these tools allow users to relatively easily perform ad-hoc queries and define rules in order to generate alerts, they do not provide automated log parsing support. In particular, most of these...

Biplob Debnath Researcher @NEC
Willard Dennis Senior Systems Administrator @NEC
Heretical Resilience: To Repair is Human

Resilient architecture is often thought of solely in terms of its technical aspects - with the right distributed system or automated failover or fancy new orchestration software, we want to believe we can avoid the inevitability of failure. While it is certainly true that we can design our...

Ryn Daniels Staff Infrastructure Engineer @travisci
The Service Mesh: It's About Traffic

The "cloud native" ecosystem---largely centered around Kubernetes and microservice architectures---has taken the industry by storm. As teams rush into this brave new world, they quickly find that there's a need for a new set of instrumentation and tooling primitives. This can be...

Oliver Gould Co-Founder & CTO @BuoyantIO


Niko Kurtti Production Engineer @Shopify

Forced Evolution: Shopify's Journey to Kubernetes

What’s the focus of your work today?

I'm on the cloud platform team. Mostly I'm working with Kubernetes. The main goal is to make sure our platform for developers is working. That may mean that I'm debugging some issues with Docker or Kubernetes, or I’m writing Golang to automate the platform. Today, I'm actually working on improving our cluster life cycle, we are...

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Adam Berenzweig Director of R&D @CTRLlabsCo

Rethinking HCI With Neural Interfaces @CTRLlabsco

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Will Norman Director Of Engineering at Intent

Building and Operating a Serverless Data Pipeline

What is the focus of your work these days?

I'm the lead of the data platform team at Intent. Intent is a data science company that helps commerce sites maximize the value for each person who visits their site. Our main product is an ad network that runs on travel sites. On the data platform team we oversee our data pipeline, that collects data from ad servers and various...

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Alex Holden Founder and Chief Information Security Officer @HoldSecurity

Data Security Dreams and Nightmares

What’s the focus of the work you do today?

We have done a lot of research over the years looking at information security, specifically around breaches. Whether it’s an honest mistake, a not so honest mistake, or pure negligence, breaches cause huge issues to a company and its victims. There’s a resulting correlation between good security and rewards.

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Susheel Aroskar Software Engineer @Netflix

Scaling Push Messaging for Millions of Devices @Netflix

Zuul is your API gateway right? What is the relationship between Zuul and Zuul Push?

Yes, Zuul is Netflix’ API gateway (all of the Netflix HTTP API traffic passed through Zuu). We took the Zuul code base and grafted Zuul Push on it, so it's a different offering. But they share 90% of the same code base.

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Wil Wade Senior Technical Lead @carbonfive

Thinking Methods - Systems Thinking at Work and Play

What is the focus of your work today?

I work at Carbon Five as a consultant. Carbon Five is really well known for pragmatically applying agile in a ton of different situations from startup to Fortune 500. On every project that I come into, it ends up being kind of the same concept of coming into a team and coming together to either create or make changes to both a product...

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