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Reactive Programming for Java Developers

The JDK 9 java.util.concurrent.Flow class implements features from the Reactive Streams spec that provide non-blocking concurrency by supporting "push" style operations for items from an active source as they become available. This is the tip of the iceberg on the quest for reactive programming...

Rossen Stoyanchev Spring Framework Committer @Pivotal
Development Metrics You Should Use but Don't

Have you ever had a gut feeling a project is about to go off course but no way to validate (or invalidate) that feeling? Has your team ever been burned by an inaccurate estimate or unreasonable expectation? Have you ever wished you could peer a bit into the future? Navigating the uncertainty of...

Cat Swetel Agile Methods Coach & Advocate for Woman in Tech
Serverless Sec & Things That Go Bump in the Night

Serverless architectures created using Functions as a Service solutions like AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions or Azure Functions unlock new design patterns at extremely low cost, but with the servers having gone into hiding under the bed, have all our security problems also left our bedroom for...

Erik Peterson CEO & Co-Founder @CloudZeroInc
Lyft's Envoy: Embracing a Service Mesh

Over the past several years, facing considerable operational difficulties with its initial microservice deployment primarily rooted in networking and observability, Lyft migrated to a sophisticated service mesh powered by Envoy (, a high-performance distributed proxy...

Matt Klein Creator of Envoy & Software Engineer @Lyft
Organizing for Your Ethical Principles

Our job as engineers does not stop with eliminating technical defects and ensuring high reliability. Engineers of all kinds must ensure their work serves the public good. A service that reliably harms, exacerbates injustices, or excludes marginalized groups is not a service worth building and...

Liz Fong-Jones Site Reliability Engineer
MLflow: An Open Platform to Simplify the Machine Learning Lifecycle

Developing applications that successfully leverage machine learning is difficult. Building and deploying a machine learning model is challenging to do once. Enabling other data scientists (or even yourself, one month later) to reproduce your pipeline, compare the results of different versions,...

Corey Zumar Software Engineer @databricks


Rossen Stoyanchev Spring Framework Committer @Pivotal

Reactive Programming for Java Developers

How would you describe the persona of the target audience of this talk? Is it aimed at someone who is currently working with Spring MVC app? Will you be talking about the Reactor Project?

If you are a Spring developer, this is certainly an important talk if you want to understand one of the major things coming to Spring Framework 5.

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Georgiy Mogelashvili Senior Developer & Team Lead @bookingcom

The Story of Teams Autonomy and Servant Leadership

You are with What do you do there?

My current title is called Senior Developer and Team Lead. I look after two teams which belong to the business booking organization which is aimed toward business customers. Those who travel for business, those who organize travel for others, an enterprise solution on our platform. My day is mostly solving team problems and helping...

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Petrica Voicu Software Engineer @PayPal Kenneth Kang Software Engineer @PayPal

Scaling DB Access for Billions of Queries Per Day @PayPal

What is the focus of your work today?

Petrica: I am working on developing Hera, which is High Efficiency Reliable Access to data sources, basically a proxy to databases. We support Oracle and MySQL. Hera helps PayPal scale.

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Michael Fisher Site Reliability Engineering Manager @HFA

Presidential Campaigns & Immutable Infrastructure

QCon: Aside from supporting a website, people might ask why would a Presidential campaign need immutable infrastructure? What are some use cases that the team had to handle and how large was the team?

Michael:  I joined Hillary for America at the beginning of a campaign in June of 2015. At that point, we had just a few things that we were doing. These were things like collecting money online, trying to get people to sign up for emails, or keeping engagement with web site.

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Michael Bryzek Cofounder & CTO, previously Co-Founder & CTO @Gilt

Design Microservice Architectures the Right Way

Can you give us a teaser of what to expect in this talk? 

We will go step by step and talk about the investment needed to run a successful microservice platform, touching on everything from contracts, events, data structure, shared libraries, deployment, isolation, monitoring, etc.

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Andjelko Iharos Director of Engineering at HAProxy Technologies

EBtree - Design for a Scheduler and Use (Almost) Everywhere

What is the focus of your work today?

Currently I work on making sure that HAProxy is and remains the fastest and most widely used software load balancer today. My team and I work on improving and extending HAProxy. We constantly try to find new ways to integrate it into existing and emerging platforms and environments. We know that HAProxy is often an indispensable piece...

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