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BLESS: Better Security and Ops for SSH Access

How can using SSH certificates improve security and simplify operations for instance access at Netflix-scale? How can you smoothly transition existing infrastructure to use SSH Certificates? Netflix created and uses BLESS, an SSH Certificate Authority that runs as an AWS Lambda function and is...

Bryan Payne Leads Product & Application Security @Netflix
More Reliable Delivery with Monte Carlo & Mapping

Most teams are familiar with estimates using relative sizing, or story points based on the Fibonacci series, or t-shirt sizes. Most teams either agonize over the details of every estimate, hoping to be as accurate as possible, or rush through planning knowing the result will be off no matter the...

Conal Scanlon Product Management, Lean/Agile Software Development @FlatironHealth
Nonconformist Resilience: DB-Backed Job Queues

Resilience in the face of chaos is a tall order. As a vertically integrated financial institution where rapidly delivered features with complete data consistency and scrupulous correctness are all non-negotiable, Betterment had its work cut out for it. So we moved the goalposts - inward. By...

John Mileham VP Architecture @Betterment
Succession: A Refactoring Story

Refactoring sometimes devolves into an appalling mess. You're chasing  a broken test suite, and every change just makes it worse. At other  times it's a slow, controlled process culminating in dreadful design.  This talk presents an end-to-end refactoring that demonstrates...

Katrina Owen Ecosystem engineer @github
AutoCAD & WebAssembly: Moving a 30 Year Code Base to the Web

AutoCAD is a computer-aided design desktop software application that was first released in 1982. With the advent of the internet age, there comes a need to extend AutoCAD's capabilities to the browser. However, the massive, complex, and constantly changing code base makes it impractical to...

Kevin Cheung Software Architect @autodesk
How to Evolve Kubernetes Resource Management Model

Built with Linux container and cgroup technologies, Kubernetes provides an efficient  framework for deploying different kinds of application workloads across multiple machines and compute platforms. Over the past five years, Kubernetes has evolved to support increasingly complex and diverse...

Jiaying Zhang Software Engineer @Google Kubernetes team


Bruce Lowekamp Principal Architect for Skype's Cloud Infrastructure Portfolio @Microsoft

Skype's Journey From P2P: It's Not Just About the Services

What is the work that you do today at Skype?

I’m managing teams that handle the people infrastructure, contacts, identity, experimentation, and push notifications for Skype and Teams.

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Xianning Liu Mobile SME, Full Stack Developer & Lead Consultant @ThoughtWorks

UI Evolving, Platform Evolving, Architecture Evolving

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Indu Alagarsamy Solution Architect @Particular Software

PracticalDDD: Bounded Contexts + Events => Microservices

What is the focus of your work today?

I'm currently working as a software architect at Particular Software, the makers of NServiceBus. As an architect, I guide clients to help review their design or proof of concept to see how they can build loosely coupled systems using both event-driven architecture and domain-driven design (DDD).

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Niko Kurtti Production Engineer @Shopify

Forced Evolution: Shopify's Journey to Kubernetes

What’s the focus of your work today?

I'm on the cloud platform team. Mostly I'm working with Kubernetes. The main goal is to make sure our platform for developers is working. That may mean that I'm debugging some issues with Docker or Kubernetes, or I’m writing Golang to automate the platform. Today, I'm actually working on improving our cluster life cycle, we are...

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Adam Berenzweig Director of R&D @CTRLlabsCo

Rethinking HCI With Neural Interfaces @CTRLlabsco

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Will Norman Director Of Engineering at Intent

Building and Operating a Serverless Data Pipeline

What is the focus of your work these days?

I'm the lead of the data platform team at Intent. Intent is a data science company that helps commerce sites maximize the value for each person who visits their site. Our main product is an ad network that runs on travel sites. On the data platform team we oversee our data pipeline, that collects data from ad servers and various...

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