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Director of Technology @Luminis_eu Bert Ertman

Are We Really Cloud-Native?

Site Reliability Engineer @Slack, Contributor to Seeking SRE, & SRECon Steering Committee Laura Nolan

What Breaks Our Systems: A Taxonomy of Black Swans

Senior Director of Infrastructure Engineering @Slack Julia Grace

Scaling Infrastructure Engineering at Slack

Agile Coach, Engineering @CapitalOne Greg Myers

Liberating Structures @CapitalOne

Agile/DevOps Trainer & Founder of Agile Play Consulting, LLC Dana Pylayeva

Self-Selection for Resilience and Better Culture

Software Engineer @agoric Kate Sills

Making 'npm install' Safe

CockroachDB maintainer, Co-founder & CTO @CockroachDB Peter Mattis

CockroachDB: Architecture of a Geo-Distributed SQL Database

Fellow Engineer, Developer Platform @WeWork Hugo Haas

Driving Technology Transformation at @WeWork

Blade Runner & Director of Field Engineering (NA / EU) @kasada_io Johnny Xmas

Modern WAF Bypass Scripting Techniques for Autonomous Attacks

Director of Engineering at HAProxy Technologies Andjelko Iharos

EBtree - Design for a Scheduler and Use (Almost) Everywhere

CS PhD student at RISELab, UC Berkeley Chenggang Wu

The State of Serverless Computing

Co-Founder at & Google Developer Expert Faisal Abid

Build Cross Platform Apps With Flutter

Engineering Manager @Facebook AI Jeff Smith

From Research to Production With PyTorch

Senior Staff Engineer in Alibaba Container Platform Group Fei Guo

Alibaba Container Platform Infrastructure - a Kubernetes Approach

Software Engineer @Google Kubernetes team Jiaying Zhang

How to Evolve Kubernetes Resource Management Model

Co-Founder of the Kubernetes Open Source Project & Distinguished Engineer @Microsoft Brendan Burns

Introduction to SMI the Service Mesh Interface)


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