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Dynamically Re-Configurable Event-Driven Systems

To take on new competitors and grab the attention of new generations of clients, traditional financial institutions are faced with the challenge of reinventing their service offering for a digital economy. Our new services must combine modern data types with legacy data, with interaction...

Spotify Lessons: Learning to Let Go of Machines

Spotify is currently one of the most popular music streaming services in the world with over 100 million monthly active users. At Spotify, a team of 6 engineers maintains the machine provisioning and capacity fleet for all 150+ Spotify teams. This talk is going to tell the story of how...

James Wen Site Reliability Engineer @Spotify
No Microservice Is an Island

You don't deploy a single microservice. The journey to microservice architecture involves more than how code is written or applications are packaged. It's about creating an interconnected ecosystem that keeps things running. Infrastructure and tools have only grown in importance as microservices...

Michele Titolo Tech Lead and Architect @Square
Design Microservice Architectures the Right Way

Learn from first hand, deep experience, the most critical decisions we face in building successful microservice architectures: how to think about the tradeoffs that impact the productivity of our teams and the quality of our software. In particular, understand how to avoid creating an...

Michael Bryzek Cofounder & CTO, previously Co-Founder & CTO @Gilt
Scaling DB Access for Billions of Queries Per Day @PayPal

As microservices scale and proliferate, they add increasing load on databases in terms of connections and resource usage. Open sourced in the Go programming language, Hera (High Efficiency Reliable Access to data stores) scales thousands of PayPal’s applications with connection...

Petrica Voicu Software Engineer @PayPal
Kenneth Kang Software Engineer @PayPal
Solving Payment Fraud and User Security with ML

Coinbase is the one of the largest digital currency exchanges in the world. We store about $1B of digital currency (bitcoin, litecoin, ether) on behalf of our users. Given the instant nature of digital currency and that it can't be reversed, we have one of the hardest payment fraud and security...

Soups Ranjan Director of Data Science @Coinbase


Katrina Owen Ecosystem engineer @github

Succession: A Refactoring Story

What is the focus of your work today?

At GitHub, we have a GraphQL and a REST API. I focus on the REST API (we have about 550 public API endpoints in the REST API and that keeps growing). Most of my team works on the GraphQL side of things. I mainly work on the guts of the API - the plumbing, performance, and consistency. Much of my work is around things like code reviews...

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Ryn Daniels Staff Infrastructure Engineer @travisci

Heretical Resilience: To Repair is Human

Tell me a bit about the work that you do today.

I'm currently working at Travis CI where I'm the lead of the build environment team. This team is working on the environment that allows our customers to run their builds - making sure that we can create, test, and update the environments where customer builds get run in a reliable manner, so that customers can continue to test as new...

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Oliver Gould Co-Founder & CTO @BuoyantIO

The Service Mesh: It's About Traffic

Tell me a bit about you, Buoyant and Linkerd.

Before Buoyant I worked with large Internet companies, Yahoo and Twitter, and Twitter is where I learned the most about what we're doing at Buoyant and with Linkerd. Twitter is working on a framework called Finagle. We're building on a microservice architecture. At Twitter we didn't have those terms or the awareness that...

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Biplob Debnath Researcher @NEC Willard Dennis Senior Systems Administrator @NEC

Fast Log Analysis by Automatically Parsing Heterogeneous Log

Who is the main audience the talk is targeting?

The talk is mainly targeting people who design/architect log analytics solutions and are focused on making the troubleshooting operational problems faster by analyzing logs.  When a computer operates, it generates logs to communicate with humans -- logs act as tweets to inform system status. If something fails, somebody has to...

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Emily Nakashima Software Engineer & Engineering Manager @Honeycombio Rachel Myers Developer Programs Engineer @Google

Help! I Accidentally Distributed My System!

Can you tell me about the work you do today?

Rachel: I work at Google on Firebase Security Rules and Google Cloud Policy. Firebase is a Backend As A Service. We provide tools for developers to keep their apps secure. Google Cloud Policy helps system administrators to ensure that all their apps have the same security policy.

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Jeanne Boyarsky Java developer and ScrumMaster

Java 11 - Keeping the Java Release Train on the Right Track

Tell us a bit about the work that you are doing today.

I work for a large bank in New York City on the DevOps team, and we're automating the pipeline to enable continuous deployments to production. We've been doing automation for a lot of years. My team does a lot of coding and mentoring of others. It's amazing how much automation there is in order to get something to work for a lot of...

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