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Past Presentations

Next Gen Networking Infrastructure With Rust

As the world becomes ever more connected, the scale and sophistication of network infrastructure software is increasing dramatically. However, the requirements for this software are as stringent as ever: it must not only be fast, it must be safe, i.e. able to process untrusted data without...

Carl Lerche Senior Software Engineer
Scaling Push Messaging for Millions of Devices @Netflix

How do you efficiently serve the latest personalized movie recommendations to millions of Netflix members, as soon as they are ready? Netflix recently rolled out Zuul Push - a massively scalable push notification service that handles millions of "always-on" persistent connections from all those...

Susheel Aroskar Software Engineer @Netflix
Control Planes: Designing Infrastructure for Rapid Iteration

As a small engineering team of 40 at Clever, we aim to focus all of our efforts on building feature depth and improve resiliency. As a company focussed on K-12 education, we want to maximize time working with our customers and not on building orchestration infrastructure. However, we also know...

Mohit Gupta Product Manager, Infrastructure @clever
Software Updates in an Orchestrated World

Scaling software teams is hard. The explosion of new tools, packaging, and orchestration approaches has only added to the challenge. In this talk I'll illustrate, through examples and demos, a systematic way of managing package repositories and metadata for all types, from operating system...

Craig Peters Director of Product @JFrog
Autonomous Microservices

Everybody loves microservices, but it's difficult to do it right. Distributed systems are much more complex to develop and maintain. Over time, you may even miss the simplicity of old monoliths. In this session, I propose a combination of infrastructure, architecture, and design principles to...

Matthew Groves Developer Advocate @Couchbase
Artificial Pancreas System: #WeAreNotWaiting in Healthcare

What happens when an open source community develops around a group of patients who are frustrated with their medical devices? You end up with an artificial pancreas (of course!). Dana Lewis, a founder of the open source artificial pancreas (OpenAPS) movement, discusses open source innovation in...

Dana Lewis Principal Investigator & Researcher


Matt Klein Creator of Envoy & Software Engineer @Lyft

Lyft's Envoy: Embracing a Service Mesh

QCon: You created Envoy. How did you come up with the idea for Envoy?

Matt: I've been working on Internet-scale networking for the last 10 years at places like Amazon, Twitter, and Lyft. The migration of technology stacks from a single language stack to a more polyglot stack over the last five to seven years has made it clear that people are embracing more Microservices architectures. Embracing a stack...

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Niko Kurtti Production Engineer @Shopify

Forced Evolution: Shopify's Journey to Kubernetes

What’s the focus of your work today?

I'm on the cloud platform team. Mostly I'm working with Kubernetes. The main goal is to make sure our platform for developers is working. That may mean that I'm debugging some issues with Docker or Kubernetes, or I’m writing Golang to automate the platform. Today, I'm actually working on improving our cluster life cycle, we are...

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Amy Yin Software Engineer @Coinbase

Coinbase Commerce: A User-Controlled Payment Processor

QCon: Do I need to know anything about crypto or blockchain to attend this talk?

Amy: Absolutely not! Amy will explain private and public keys as well as blockchain addresses, which is all that is needed to understand the talk.

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Susheel Aroskar Software Engineer @Netflix

Scaling Push Messaging for Millions of Devices @Netflix

Zuul is your API gateway right? What is the relationship between Zuul and Zuul Push?

Yes, Zuul is Netflix’ API gateway (all of the Netflix HTTP API traffic passed through Zuu). We took the Zuul code base and grafted Zuul Push on it, so it's a different offering. But they share 90% of the same code base.

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Mohit Gupta Product Manager, Infrastructure @clever

Control Planes: Designing Infrastructure for Rapid Iteration

What is your field of working for today?

I've been at Clever for since the start (five and a half years while the company itself started around six years ago).  I joined as a software engineer, started focussed on infrastructure and security and also started the infrastructure team. Due to my tenure, I do end up dealing with things such as old database instances and the...

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